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Rolling tips and tricks

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Roger, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. Hi everybody ,

    I've got kind of a stupid question for you guys , I've been smoking daily for about 2 years now , but I'm used to smoking with friends wo can roll very good and so I'm used to let them roll the joints.Just now I'm starting to learn rolling myself, and I wondered if anyone down here has some tips & tricks for me , or an adress where I can find some...?
    My aplogies for the bad English , but I'm from Belgium ;) !
  2. pratique toi avec du tabac!! c'est comme ca que j'ai reussi.
    sorry for the language guys but i see that he come from belgium so i talk to him in french.

    btw i was saying that he can practice with tobbaco thats the way i did it

  3. I have 2 remarks for you Doctor :):

    1.BIG MISTAKE!Belgium is divided in 2 parts , one(smaller) part speaks French , one (bigger) part speaks Dutch(what we call Flemish).I live in Antwerp , I speak Dutch and hate most of the French speaking people in Belgium!Offcourse , you couldn't know , but just keep it in mind ;) and thank you for triyng to make me feel home ;) !

    2.I have tried to practice with tobacco but a)it isn't the same , and b)it's hard to roll a joint, light it and not feel a thing :) !

    Tnx for the tip anyway
  4. sorry about that i was thinking belgium was all french.
    btw i know tobbaco its not the samething as weed when rolling but the thing is that tobbaco is harder too roll so if you can roll a tobbaco joint(cigarette) u can roll a weed joint for sure

    ps:hope u dident hate me because im french??
  5. @Dr. Greenthumb : don't hate the French , love their music (Starflam etc.) but I just hate the french speaking belgian part (not gonna explain why cause it's too boring :) ) tnx for the tips ;)

    @Woody : don't like rolling with machines , but tnx for the site , i'll check it out right away , are u from holland?
  6. Jippie kunne we ff lekker Nederlands praten , van waar in Holland ben je?

    Translation : Jipie now we can talk some dutch , where are u from?
  7. Actually,yes it does help to roll cigarettes. I've been rolling cig's for about 14 years on & off. I rolled my first joint about 3 months ago. It was perfect, looked just like a real cigarette.

    I NEVER used a rolling machine in my life.It also helps to roll the tobbaco in different stages( moist to dry).Hope this heps you out. :)

    I was stationed in Germany(west),for 2 years.I thought all Belgians spoke Dutch.Interesting, learn something new everyday.
  8. I know , but what do I do with the tabacco - joints ??I hate rolled cigs , I always buy filters , so I can't do shit with the robacco joints :D !

    I'm very happy to teach you something , now you learn me some English okey?
  9. or keep it till one of your friends that does smoke is fiending and sell it to them for a quarter.
  10. LOL , yeah could do that , but now I roll as much joints as I can , and I must say that it's starting to work...the bad thing is that I'm stoned like all the time :D

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