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  1. whats your favorite rolling tobacco, cant afford cigs so im resorting to this because its so much cheaper, whats your favorite kind?
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    It's the only stuff available in my area.

    Bali shag and american spirit are good.
  3. i took up rollies for the same reason man. i like american spirit and captain black, but most of the time i was too broke for even those (im in college and bud is priority #1). ended up smoking bugler, which is the most vile stuff one could smoke, im pretty sure. but its $2 for like 40 cigs plus papers so you kinda cant go wrong lol...
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  5. I like bugler, you have to roll that shit extra tight though or else it can be pretty vile.
  6. i like midnight special, bugler, what evers cheap works well for me. i usually buy what ever is on special when i cant afford cigs
  7. yeah drum is the standard "not shit" brand. but i like to go down to a tobacconist and get a blend. last time i got a danish export blend. it was great. its a little more expensive but totally worth it.

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