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Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by TDUBB, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Does anyone have that article published 1-2 years ago, about some kid making $$$$$$$ selling weed. I heared it was like a 4 page story, just wandering if anybody has a link or any info. I'd like to read that article.
  2. i had a magazine about some shit like that, it was about this girl who worked for a delivery service in NYC. . . wasnt rolling stone though
  3. dude that was fuckin awesome, i should write a movie about that shit or something
  4. damn that is tight, i jus read fuckin they had 7 tons of weed? shit you would need like 5 rooms all filled to the roof with herb to store that much
  5. Great story!
  6. i love how the cops didnt give a fuck until somebody got killed, totally reinforces my sense of safety
  7. wow. that was a great article. they must have been straight ballin' all day.
  8. that was a good read

    movie definently need :smoking:
  9. "It's funny," he continues. "Everyone asks me, 'Do you regret what you did?' And the answer is, fuck no. I mean, I think of myself as an entrepreneur, and I went about some of that the wrong way. But I've done more at twenty-two than most people do their whole lives. I partied my ass off. There were so many women. I smoked so much weed. Anyone says they regret that, they're full of shit. They're saying that to please other people. I don't care. I had a blast."

    Awesome. I remember reading this a while a ago, but it was cool to read again. That kid is a boss.
  10. awesome thanks for the link parky!!!
  11. That's all I can say is wow............ There should definately be a movie made on that shit. Wow.....
  12. Thats fuckin crazy... someone needs to make this into a movie
  13. Haha, I remember reading this a year or two ago. Thanks for the reminder! I forgot about it.
  14. some history

    he fucked it up bad, tho

    he could make a decent livin out of this, comfortable home, nice car, high end eletronic entertainment

    smoke for free...

  15. that's pretty fucked up.
  16. Omfg i was reading that on the shitter like a few months ago lmao, it was a good read. I dont have it anymore though =[ Tragic ending too
  17. That was one cool story, bro.

    And I second (third? fourth? fifth?) the notion to make a movie. Complete with CGI aliens, a volcano, and Bill Murray.
  18. i'd watch it. only if bill murray was in it though.

    accept no substitutes.

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