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  1. I use Raw rolling papers religiously and I really want to try new papers. I'm also familiar with Juicy Jay's ( I love blueberry ). Can you guys list some other brands/type of rolling papers down below ! Thanks [​IMG]
  2. If your in a med state they have medicated rolling papers called lift tickets they have those at certain SoCal dispensaries. Other than that they also have the 24k rolling paper which is real gold leaf...waste of money if you ask me. The Raw is definitely the best in my opinion though, not much else experience with papers beyond juicy j and raw for me! Cheers.
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  3. I never liked the tasit of smoking a paper. I would recommend cigars instead,
  4. I hate the taste of cigars. I'd definitely prefer sticking to paper but thank you :)
  5. Smoking gold papers can't be healthy , right ?
  6. Raw papers are ill
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  7. I'll smoke weed out of anything it don't matter to me lol.

    haven't used papers in a minute tho maybe ill have to change that.
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  8. raws are good but usually anything does, just go to a shop and get skins and roll a joint unless its for a special occasion
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  9. Raws are the crem de la crem baby rollin up dont get much better than that
  10. That hemp wick looks like plastic

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  11. OCB, zig zags, bugler

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  12. I don't smoke j's very often, but I'm good with Zig Zags or with Raws when I do.

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