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rolling papers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ikana, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. what size is best for a noob at rolling? I have a rolling machine that does like 78-79mm papers, but sometimes it rolls too tight or something, and I cant get the smoke to actually suck up into my mouth. I also just want to learn to hand roll, I've tried and made a decent one a long time ago, but just suck in general at it.

    Also kind of a random questions, when u ask for papers in smoke shops, do you say like "I want the 79 (or whatever) milimeter ones" or do you say "1 and 1/4 (quarter) or kingsize". I've never actually bought papers myself before (just pieces) and don't want to sound stupid lol
  2. What you want is raw. Roll them by hand. You'll get better at it, it's really easy.
  3. Ok I looked up some tutorials and they eventually made sense so me ill try it tomorrow
  4. Watch this:


    That video taught me how to roll. He has a couple other rolling tutorials that you might want to check out as well
  5. 1) RAW Papers only, smoke the herb, on herb! these papers are awesome made outta hemp.

    2) I usually pick the King size, I ask them for Raw King Size papers.

    3) Practice makes perfect! I suck at rolling joints, but the rolling machine I have causes the same problem, too tight, when I roll em, they're too loose!
    I'd rather smoke the one's I've rolled myself so that I don't have to stuff it with too much weed just because the machine is whack and wants all my weed, and hand rolling them gives me the practice I need to gain experience.
  6. So your roller also made it too tight like how I said and it doesn't really push through the smoke?
  7. Raw, Elements and Zig Zag are good. Raw is the best though.
  8. Bob Marley hemp papers

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