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rolling paper suggestions..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ab232, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. whattup gc?! its been awhile since i posted.. took a break for a little, started up again..

    my latest question is about rolling papers..

    i'm using ez widers double wide.. i heard they were good from my friends.. but i wanted gc's opinion..

    i feel that i'm smoking more paper than necessary.. so i wanted to ask you guys what you use or recommend..

  2. rizla ultra fine 1.25 inches wide i think
  3. When i roll, i either just use some zig zags or if i dont feel like driving to the store, grab this rice paper bible FULL of blank pages, it wasnt supposed to be like that but hey i got it for 2 dollars and its lasted me 3 years, its got about another to go too :smoking:
  4. lol thanks guys!
  5. Zig-Zag ultra thins
  6. Ez widers are great, but Juicy jays are good, or Elements.. I especially like Juicy Jays.. Right now I am using these Cheaprer papers that are comparable to Juicy Jays because I could not find any. "Top" brand, they a pretty good.
  7. Ez widers 1 1/2 for most of my joints, Tops for my small personal joints.
  8. Rizla makes a great king size paper, but the Elements 110 mm is the best rolling paper hands down. Theyre super thin and long, can fit a lot of green in 'em.
  9. lol thats sweet where did ya get that bible? wouldnt mind pickin me up one aswell lol
  10. If you have the opportunity to pick a pack of raw papers up, you should do so. They burn exceptionally clean, are unbleached, and are actually pretty easy to roll with.
  11. RAW. you will be surprised at how good they are.

    Then elements.

    Then Rizla.

    Then Club.

    And finally Zig zag ultra thins.

    I actually did a test on the various types of rolling papers using two different methods.

    The first was smoking it, obviously.

    But the second way i did it was light each rolling paper separately and smell the smoke after it went out. The sinuses are far more sensitize.

    Anyways the least harsh and most natural papers were by far the RAW.

    Btw, cigarette paper from marlboro and Kamel is so fucking harsh and full of chemicals..
  12. I got some Job 1.5 papers. I haven't used anything else, I haven't finished this pack. But they're fine to me.
  13. Job is good^. The only papers I dislike are Raw papers they look like a grocery bag and burn shitty.
  14. Rizla blue's all the way
  15. I really liked the raw papers and kingpins special edition papers were awesome kind of like a joint/blunt if you understand what im saying

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