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Rolling Paper Substitutes and Joint Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pyrokwah, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, just tried my first joint a few days ago, and considering the near lack of weed I had, and absence of rolling papers, and not having any experience, it was pretty damn good. Like to say there was about maybe .3 to .4 grams in there.

    The thing is, it was still far from perfect. What are some good substitutes for rolling papers? I used the altoids mint paper, in hopes of flavor, but there was no noticable difference.

    Also, how much weed generally goes into a joint?
    Even General joint dimensions would help.
    One final thing, Blunt vs Joint?
  2. well it really depends on how much you should put in, it's all up to you and how good you are at rolling.

    A blunt vs joint? hmm well i guess that once again depends on you. I love the flavor of the wraps from a swisher but if you dont like the taste then roll some joints, plus if you're the only one smoking then a joint would be best. You could roll 2 or 3 joints from what you put in a blunt.

    Just a tip though, just buy some papers, dont fuck with altoid papers and all those other things, those have chemicals in it which could really hurt you. Just get some zig zags or something.
  3. I've heard of Bible paper if you're down for that. Just get some papes though, they're much better than any sub.

    Pretty much whatever you want. More or less depending on what you want to roll, skinny, fat, tapered.

    Blunts are way easier to roll but have a litle bit of tobacco in them. Not enough to really make a difference.
  4. [quote name='The Crafter']I've heard of Bible paper if you're down for that. Just get some papes though, they're much better than any sub.

    NOOO not Bible papers, trust me i tried it and it burned up in damn near a second. Haha message from above, when i lit it, it burned then went right down the side and burnt my finger. Besides text is printed onto them and would not be good to inhale.
  5. I have smoked with receipts many times. gotta be a good roller to pull it off though
  6. I more meant whats the difference between a blunt and joint.

  7. well a blunt is basically a joint but rolled with cigar paper. It's much easier in my opinion and uses more weed and is great for party situations! A joint is just weed rolled up in some rolling papers, a "marijuana cigarette" if you will. One uses rolling papers and the other uses cigar papers. You can buy cigar papers for like $1 at a gas station and come in tons of different flavors but they have a dye in them that fuck with your lungs. You can always buy some swisher or what i recommend is a "White Owl" brand. They burn slow and you can rollem tight.
  8. Yes, White Owls are where it's at, those or grape phillies.
  9. You can use bible paper.
    there are usually parts in the bible where there
    are clean sheet of paper(s)
    they have no words on them.
    i usually have to resort to this awful method when
    i run out of cigarettes and have to use that can tobacco.
  10. dude, most paper isnt made to smoke, if you dont use actually papers who knows what you are inhaling.

    just go to a gas station and get some zig zags. and if you are under 18 (which i assume you are or you wouldn't be making this thread) just chill outside a gas station and ask people. its not as bad as it sounds, just use good judgment. they don't even have to look like they smoke weed, just try to find a dumb looking frat guy or drunk.
  11. lol this kid is like 14:D
  12. Nah, quite a bit older than that

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