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Rolling paper substitute

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by Paranoia., Dec 2, 2004.

  1. I'm kinda new smoking so I don't have any of my own gear yet and I was curious as to whether I could just cut off a piece of a normal 8 by 11 piece of printer paper and use that to roll. I'm aware that it's not "sticky" and I was wondering if that would impair my rolling exploits. And I know that i could just make a bowl out of a popcan or something but I don't have access to any lighters for a week (grounded)... :(. So any help or suggestions as to how i could effectivly smoke without rolling papers or a lighter (I do have matches) would be appreciated.

    P.S.- 1st post! Hey all GCity goers!
  2. Make a bong (search button) or use bibel pages to roll...
  3. you can scrape the silvery stuff off a gum wrapper and use that... i only do it if i've just run out and am too lazy to run to the 7-11
  4. Dictionary or bible paper...or just get a pipe when you get the chance.
  5. smoke out of an apple with matches. its not hard. just light the match, wait for the flare to die down, and put it on the bowl. not hard at all, its kinda fun.
  6. yeah bible pages work good

    bein' grounded sucks
    stay up
  7. don't use printer paper

    it'll burn like a bitch

    bible paper is good, but don't rip up the text, use the blank pages in the back.
  8. just splurge and get a pack of papers for a buck.
  9. ^^ Or get someone who is old enough to go in there and get them for you if you need.
  10. just buy sum skins man....
  11. use a tampon wrapper
  12. He obviously can't go out and get some skins b.c. he just said that he is grounded. Bible paper would work or if your parents smoke cigarettes you can take the tobacco out and fill it with bud.
  13. or use reciept paper
  14. yeah Bible paper works but it's a generally bad idea to tear pages out of your bible, even if the pages are blank. I'd say gum wrapper with the silver stuff rubbed off would work and wouldn't ruin a good bible.
  15. bible paper.. and tampon wrapper.. original tampax..
  16. use a page from the bible, works pretty well. use page 666 for bragging rights(if you're not paranoid or anything about that stuff)
  17. how do you get bible paper to hold together since it doesnt have gum on it like rolling papers do
  18. if you lick it closed it'll stay together, but i dont know why...maybe its god's will?
  19. Ok, get two dollar bills and two quarters. They have to be quarters. Walk/drive to a gas staion. Ask for papers. Hand the clerk the money. Go home. Roll up.

    But in all seriousness, if you lack material/items to smoke out of, your best bet is probably making a home-made bong or shabong.

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