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rolling paper size?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nathan549, May 27, 2010.

  1. footlong? damn, i wanna smoke one lmao.

    but i usually use orange zags, i might get some king size papers next time i hit up the gas station though.
  2. i always just get the 1 1/4 and if i need more paper and peeps dont have bigger, i stick 2 together and roll a huge long one or l it out
  3. any one use tally ho rolling papers or is that just here in aus haha
  4. hahahahaha i would if i ever saw them just from the name but ive never heard of um
  5. ahaha is a pretty kewl name it even has a ruler on the pack :p.
  6. hahahahah, i like the papers that have the little wire in them for the roach clip when its too burned to hold handy...but ive always wondered if any metal is burned or anything whack
  7. :O that sounds mad ive never seen them. ahaha ah well a little metal never hurts anyone
  8. till you get some mad metal build up in your brain and start forgetting shit left and right hahahahahha, oh wait...maybe thats just the weed
  9. just though, if i buy a king size hand roller i can still roll smaller joints yes? just making sure hahah

  10. hahahahahahahahh
  11. rips?
  12. hahahaha thats totally them

  13. i love the blue ones! i bought the strawberry ones but i didnt like them as much
  14. I use Rizla King Size (tried Red, Blue and Silver) papers which I believe are 100mm long.
  15. red king size rizla are my main papers too man! i found the silver ones hard to roll with, maybe it's cause i'm not that experienced so they're too thin for me.
  16. Used to use 1.25 JOB but the gas station I go to only carries 1.5 now. 1.25 is defiantly better because 1.5 is too much paper but I can still deal with it.
  17. :O dude thanks about the rips thing thats mad haha
  18. they're just awesome skins all around the world! plus, i've never seen another other ones on a roll

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