Rolling Paper Shirt

Discussion in 'General' started by bootbud, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. man i love my new shirt i got off e-bay. went for a walk down Las Vegas blvd.(the strip). it was funny , like i was a celebrity or something. had a guy offer me $200 for it. havent ever seen one before so i gotta keep it.

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  2. $200?! I would have taken the thing off right there and been like "Here ya go!"

    Nice shirt though.

  3. fuck ya first thing i woulda done
  4. yeah i would have easily gotten rid of that shit for 200 bucks and bought a fat ass sack!
  5. ^^ I gotta agree, its a sweet shirt but if somone offered me 200 bucks I would have taken it in a heartbeat :D

    Way to show some dedication :hello:
  6. that shirt is way too much for me, i like my black or white or grey tee's with a logo on the front and a pair of cargo pants...

    how much was the shirt originally...
  7. I got it for $40. to be offered $160 profit for the shirt is cool. but $200 is not alot of money for something unique and you like.
  8. hahaha thats awesome that shirt deff. a keeper
  9. Haha sick, +rep
  10. are there real rolling paper wrappers on it
    or is it like printed pictures lol
  11. REminds me of Hunter S Thompson on the strip
  12. nice shirt man

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