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Discussion in 'General' started by xxkmanxx, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. Whats a good alternative to Rolling Paper? Could i use Post-It notes? they're good cause they have that sicky stuff at the end so it stays together better. Is this good to use?
  2. Dude I wouldnt use a pot-it note that would be a harsh ass smoke here are a couple of other less harsh ideas.

    1)Phone book paper (harsh but will do in times of need)
    2)Tampon paper (not the shiny shit the actual paper big as shit and will burn forever)
    3) Bible paper (an oldie and also not the best idea (you know cuz of him "GOD" lol)
    4)Blunt (get your self a swisher sweet split it fill it and blaze it)

  3. r u askin for summin to use when outta papers or just summin diff...

    if you need summin when outta papers try wet toilet paper (not too wet...just kinda damp)...smoke is a lil harsh but it'll burn kinda slow...until u get to the end that is...

    u could always buy a pipe for times when u dont have papers...u can get a cheap pipe for bout 5 bux

    if you lookin for alternatives to papers then deffinatly try fact try all types of blunts, optimos, phillies, vegas...all are a bit diff and have their pros/cons, u can try so many different types.....blunt papers are bomb too..i got sum menthol blunt papers an im just waitin on sum weed so i can test em out...blunt papers come in so many diff flavors....i've had berry, chocolate and plain...
  4. Aren't them chemicals on post-its really bad for ya!!?? Good God!! And I'd have to go along with getting a blunt started in time of need. Seal it with honey and you'll be glad you ran out of papers when you're done
  5. altoid paper..... saves my life sumtimes
  6. U've mentioned all these different types of paper but what the fuck do u stick them with??? Won't they fall open when u try to smoke em???

  7. Honey works good and tastes good.
  8. Just use Rizla or Zig Zags man... Post it notes?!

    Either that, or if your desperate.. Make a can pipe!

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