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Rolling one up for Survivor Man!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vicious, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. I've already missed so much. Marathon on till 3am. No better reason to stay home and smoke weed all day. Fixin to go buy a swisher now.
  2. this show is great! especially with a couple of bowls.
  3. survivor man could beat chuck norris.
    hes fucking L33T!
    and does some INSAAAAANE shit.
  4. What about Bear from man vs. wild....that fucker is 20times more insane in that show! He parachutes in to the places he is trying to survive in, thats so gnar!!
  5. hell ya, that guy could survive getting hit by a semi truck ahha
  6. MAN VS WILD IS FAKE survivorman is the man.:hello: ill be medicating heavily for tonight with some purple :)
  7. Man vs Wild is 100 times better than survivorman. I don't care what anyone says
  8. Dude survivorman is by himself in the wilderness while bear grills is fucking with a camera crew and i know they bring rations and tents
  9. Survivorman is waaaaay cooler. while bear grylls was a british marine or whatever Survivorman was "listening to Styx, drinking beer, and smoking a joint"
  10. survivor man is the shit dude like i cant think of anything else better too do when ur stoned then watch him.:hello:
  11. the discovery channel is one of the most entertaining channels to watch while stoned. either that or nick gas. nothing like seeing those old game shows that u grew up with [ie GUTS/legends of the hidden temple] nothing beats simple minded tv
  12. Man Vs. Wild is lame as shit.

    Survivorman is fucking crazy.
  13. I fucking tripped myself out watching survivorman once. It was the episode where he's stranded at sea, i was like "god, that would suck, it'd b like claustrophobia since he can't leave the raft, but wait, it's b like agoraphobia cuz he's out in the huge ass vast ocean" and i started freaking out, but it was a fun freak out.
  14. bear grill is a pussy wit his own camra crew no suvior man caries is camera
  15. ya that dude is one crazy son of a bitch tell ya what - ive seen this guy eat raw fish

  16. Only floridians i've encountered who've used 'fixin' were from gainesville.
  17. That guy is a joke theu make it look like he's doing extreme shit but the camera man is right beside him doing it LOL.
  18. Quoted for truth.

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