rolling machines?

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  1. How many you blades use rolling machines?
    I have started to use one for the past week, and it makes it so much easier to roll and they come out perfect.

  2. i have never seen anyone with a rolling machine, it seems like it would take the fun out of rolling
  3. I have one, and I use it occasionally. I'm not the best at rolling so the machine helps alot :D
  4. post a pic of one- ive heard of them, but i thinkg handrolled would be better/tighter?? idk lets see a pic.--check out my thread -- 7 joints...
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    They roll pretty tight.

    Heres a nice headie personal joint i rolled in the machine.

    EDIT: I use the roller alot since i cant bring my bong on trips =), i roll 5 or 6 of the small kind below depending on how long im going. I suggest getting one even if you know how to roll, especially if you need to roll joints in bulk.


  6. Obviously i couldnt tell untill i smoked one of those machine rolls, but i have a feelin id prefer one of my hand rolled
  7. A few friends have them but... i enjoy rolling the blunt myself lol ( :
  8. maybe nah to the Joint roller

    the phalanges are the way to go.

    IMO atleast
  9. I like how perfect a rolling machine gets them but I don't usually smoke joints, especially to myself so I don't really use one....might get one just in case some friends come over though not very good roller myself.
  10. I used to use those a lot years back until I learned how to roll.. and I'm never turning back.:smoking:
  11. blunt rollers are great if you want a french blunt.
    the joint rollers are good if you want a quick, perfect j.

    but hand rolled, both joints and blunts, have their own special highness.. hard to explain.
  12. I pretty much always use one of those when I roll. Even then it's very rare that I will smoke a j/l because I always have some type of glass in hand
  13. i have to show you guys the coolest joint roller haha, hold up while i take pix

    I pride myself in my joint rolling skills but having a machine can be quite convenient. This one doesn't pack it too tight like other machines I've used
  14. Anyone who says they can roll a J better than one turned out of a roller (by someone who knows how to use it well) is full of themselves. You can fully control almost every factor (tightness, distribution, density, filter/roach etc) except for the shape

    You can turn out one flawless jay after another, but I like rolling by hand way more. First off, rolling a perfect jay in a roller can be kinda tedious. Rolling by hand you can feel if something is wrong, where as with a roller you have to hope nothing is wrong. Carrying a roller around also makes you look like a douche bag.

    I love rollers, don't get me wrong, but when I'm at home i'm using glass, and when i'm out i don't have a fucking joint roller in my pocket. They take the sport out of rolling. It's like fishing with dynomite.
  15. Here's the machine:


    Insert rolling paper:


    Put in the bud and crutch:




    Haha here's how it works, I do it very slowly here just to show you but you can just slam the top down and a joint will literally pop out (quite the party trick haha)

  16. They have those at a corner store right by my house. They are better than the Zig Zag ones but I've tried better. I much prefer the crank-style or auto rollers. My friend has an automatic roller that you can just fill up with papers and bud and it'll spit out 20 perfectly rolled joints in about a minute's time. You can even preset how tight it will roll them.
  17. Get the make and brand of that and post a link stat:cool:
  18. my friend has a blunt roller that he always has with him, its amazing. i want one really bad after seeing and smoking what it makes.
  19. They sell those everywhere and are about $5, just go buy one.

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