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Rolling machines

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DutchX8, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. I'm gonna be ordering a bunch of stuff soon, namely a pipe, blunt wraps, papers and some other stuff. I'm trying to decide whether or not to get a rolling machine with it. It would be convenient and make really nice;y rolled j's and blunts, but rolling them yourself is just part of smoking, you know? But then again, at just over $7, it's not like i'm wasting a lot of money here.

    Anyway, what is your opinion on rolling machines?
  2. you suck at weed smoking if you use a rolling machine.

    it makes me mad when people cant roll anything to me i mean thats like a foundation of being a stoner if you cant roll gtfo:smoking:

  3. not true, I use a rolling machine when I want my joints to look like cigs so I can smoke them where I want.

    But yes, every stoner needs to learn how to roll a joint by hand

    I enjoy a hand-rolled joint more anyway
  4. #4 Bank404, Sep 28, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, 2008
    I never even seen a rolling machine lol.

    I like to roll my shit:D

    EDIT:oh they for joints ha, well no wonder I've never seen one
  5. Nothing wrong with a rolling machine

  6. like it really matters if your J looks like a cig or not wtf.
  7. my joints always look like cigs unless i want a coner and i roll all mine myself

  8. obv it does matter sometimes or I wouldnt have bought a rolling machine. They even have papers that look like cigs
  9. I dont think theres anything wrong with using the machine. Makes it quick and they come out pretty perfect most of the time..
  10. True. I can roll by hand perfectly, but I prefer to use my rolling machine if I want a perfect joint, quick.
  11. My rolling machine joints always burn a long time
  12. That is the dumbest shit ive ever heard. The only + to a rolling machine is its quick. but take the extra 5seconds to roll by hand and you better set. Plus why have even more paraphenalia on you? Any bud thats left on that is going to get you fucked and kief and little bits of bud stick to that shit
  13. stop being an idiot. DO whatever you want and quit hating you little kid
  14. I got enough haterade for this whole forum. Rolling machines = lame get over it. You guys just are pissed cause you use rollin machines and im hatin hard on them.

  15. The OP prob didnt make this thread for people like you to come in and hate on them. If you dont like it thats fine but quit being an ass about it
    I can roll by hand if I want, and If I feel like it I will use my rolling machine
  16. You got that right.

    +rep btw
  17. Your an idiot.

    I keep a rolling machine and cig looking papers at my house, and then roll up a J or two before I leave and stick them in my pack of cigs.

    Then wherever I go I have perfectly disguised J's with me in my pack of cigarettes that I can toke conveneitnelty and discretely.

    With the nugs ground and distributed evenely, the machine rolls it perfectly round. So nice.
  18. chubbler you are so wrong

    if someone wants to use a rolling machine, they should use a damn rolling machine
    and if you can't roll, that does not mean that you're not a stoner wtf

    people crack me up
    but thats probably why you have close to 500 posts and no rep :smoking:

    to the op go ahead and pick one up, they come in handy :)
  19. people need to chill out, I thought I was a hot head, aruging over a rolling machine
  20. its a fucking tool, chill out guys and the the op alone he just wanted advice
    and not being able to roll makes you less of a stoner? that is one of the dumbest things i've heard right next to THC worms
    ya go pick one up, they are handy

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