Rolling Kansas

Discussion in 'General' started by YesICannabis, May 17, 2004.

  1. anyone see this movie saturday night on comedy centrals secret stash? funny funny movie. anyways, does anyone know where you can buy this movie? i havent been able to find it anywhere
  2. yeah i saw it sat night too! never herad of it before, but it was really funny. "i think i'm gay..."
  3. i tivo'd it and just watched it earlier today. funny stuff.

    EDIT: REMOVED FOR MUSTARD... now just edit your quoted post and then forget that you ever read this ;)

  4. k, i just looked for it. it was originaly shown @ the 2003 sundance film festival, so im guessing it might take a while to get a DVD circulated. altho, blockbuster has it on their site (can't rent or buy it at this time) and i found this on netflix:

  5. i saw a commercial for it on CC a few days ago and wrote it down on my whiteboard next to my door to remember it. I see it written there the next day, but i wrote it so messy that i couldnt even read it, haha...

    too bad i missed it! grr... i'll look for a bittorent!

    EDIT: found nothing but this site about it.... and none of the links at the bottom work.. oh well!
  6. Yeah i saw it the first time this weekend, and i thought it was good but was a little disapointed because i thougth there would be more smoking then there was.
    Not that that would make it a good movie just beacuse they were smoking,i just kind of got my hopes up that is what it would be like.
  7. made myself a crappy DVD outta the recording... now i can watch it w/ all the swears cut out any time i want.... clocks in around 1h20m w/o the commercials.


  8. Good way to give away an obviously major part of the movie to those of us who havnt seen it yet. good job.
  9. honestly, ur not watching this movie for its plot, ur probably watching it for its pot ;p

    and i didn't give away much, u still don't kno how they lost it and what (if anything) happens after it. oh, and you probably won't be seeing this anytime soon, since you can't find it on DVD anywhere and comedy central isn't replaying it for at least another 9 days (my 'tivo' tvguide only has data for the next 9 days and its not in the guide), probably longer.


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