Rolling Kansas

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    man i have the best memories of watching this movie high.We should bring up a good Rolling Kansas thread before bed.heres a good line i found on a quote site.:bongin:

    : Reckon you need a good ass-whoopin?
    Kevin Haub: Nah, I don't think so...
    Farmer: You're soft, like a knobbly-kneed girl. Reckon you like boys?
    Kevin Haub: Nah, I don't think so... I just looking for some cutting implements.
    Farmer: Saws and what have you?
    Kevin Haub: Yes sir.
    Farmer: I've got cutting implements. Saws and what have you...
    Kevin Haub: Cool,. Are they in good condition? Well oiled? Little or no rust?


    Do any of you guys have a favorite scene?
  2. I like the scene where the DEA agents are giving a humorous lecture

    Agent Madsen: Hey, big man!
    Kevin Haub: Yes sir.
    Agent Madsen: Not you, thin-bin!

    Agent Brinkley: You people make me sick. Can't believe my mother has to share the same streets with vermin like you.
    Kevin Haub: Hey, what does your mom do exactly?
    Agent Brinkley: Button it, weed-worm.

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