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    When I roll joints, I don't really roll the bud in the paper. I roll a filter, and then roll the paper around the filter, seal it, then scoop the bud into the cone it forms. It seems so efficient it kinda makes me wonder why anyone would bother rolling shit around inside the paper.

    I guess im cheating. Are there any real downsides to rolling this way? Seems to work great.
  2. i roll this way sometimes too. i think it takes longer than rolling the regular way though.

  3. Because rolling is fun, and anyone who rolls would know you like to roll and enjoy something you did yourself..yeah I can't think of the right way to word this, but you should get what im trying to say..

    Oh and what do you mean you roll a roach then roll the paper around the roach, and im assuming packing the weed in?
    Thats confusing bro, roaches come from joints or blunts anyway..

    edit: nevermind you meant filter.
  4. Just a terminology difference. Around here people call a filter a roach. I edited my post accordingly.
  5. Rolling cones is less effecient because you add an extra step to the rolling process: filling and packing.

    A packed joint may not smoke as well because you skip out on distributing the bud perfectly, a necessary step when rolling. It's also pretty easy to spill bud when not in the comfort of your home (ie in the car).

    Sit down with some rolling papers and tobacco and learn to roll. Once you've mastered it, you'll thank yourself. I know I did. My joints smoked better and slip streamed less after I stopped filling cones.
  6. i find this method to be the quickiest most effecent way to roll. ok assumeing you use zig zags, you will notice that the paper is folded in half. so what you do is take the paper thats folded in half and move the non gummed side down about 1/4 in so that you can see the gummed strip. make another crease so now you have two creases in your paper. hold the paper so that theres a flat bottom. paper should be u shaped. now put the filling of your choice makeing sure that it is evenly disrbuted. now close the paper so that both sides are touching just above the tobacco/weed now roll back and forth between fingers dont roll to tight. roll all the way down the non-gummed side so that the end of the paper is right to your now rolled weed you should be able to see a little green. now roll the paper upwards and you should end up with a nice looking joint. all methods of rolling takes practice but i find this to be a very easy and quick way to roll.

    Happy Smokeing.
  7. That's just the normal way to roll... with an additional (unnecessary) step of creasing the paper.
  8. so you're a cheater.

    just kidding. whatever floats your boat. i think just rolling a joint is much faster, easier, and more rewarding but that's just me.
  9. If it works than do it. But i like to roll the bud inside the paper because it smoothenes it all out, and makes it nice packed and tight. Makes for a nice smoke.
  10. whatever hijacks your kyak man,
    but i roll em up with the bud inside, i can roll one pretty fast though, you kind of get used to the motions and such and you get a lot faster at it, the cone thing is not for me haha

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