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Rolling joints with hollowed out cigarettes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by raybanvision, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. So, I'm not the best roller in the world, so I just gut some of my friends cigarettes and fill the empty tube with bud to make joints. Pack it down, twist it, light it, works like a charm! But my question is, do you guys think inhaling through the cigarette filter might still release some of the cigarette chemicals?
  2. Take out the filter and replace it with cardboard or paper. Not sure of the truth, but a lot of people claim the filter filters out some of the THC. Like I said, not sure how true that is so don't quote me.
  3. you will be happier when you roll it up yourself, those things don't burn ideally
  4. joint rollers are cheap and do the job i used them before i learned how to roll, now i would never really use the roller but it was good for what it was.
  5. its still going to reek like pot :rolleyes: and the ciggarate paper also has harmful chemicals on it too tho. Go buy your self a pack of papers or smoke a bong
  6. Assuming your in the States, it still have the Fire safety chemicals to make it burn slower.

    More chemicals = No thanks.
  7. like fallenone said, many claim that the cig filters remove some THC, even though the amount removed is very small, you should take it out and put in a crutch

  8. Leave a tiny bit of tobacco in the back as the crutch. You don't even have to smoke it.

  9. It doesn't filter out THC exclusively. It filters out some of the smoke, which is what makes you lose that precious THC.

    OP, rip that filter out and smoke up. Or buy a glass bowl and your problem will be fixed forever (or until you break it) :hello:
  10. you have no idea how many chemicals and preservatifs they put on cigarette paper, if you're having trouble rolling just use a pencil and natural rolling papers, way better for you.

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