Rolling in school

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  1. so on the last day of school since i knew my teachers well and knew one of them blazed almost daily, and has actually bought bud from me, that was hilarious, got an a in the class too, but anyway im sittin in class rolling up joints and i roll joints really well, my friends actually call me joint king, but im sure every group of friends has that, anyway im rolling up enough to fill one maybe two packs of cigarettes (thats a lot) and we have done it b4, my school is not leniant with weed but tobacco can be if you say the right words, hence why we hid them in cigarette cartons and we roll amsterdam style and on the last one the principal does a random sweep through all the classes and i lick my finger as though i was biting my nail and swipe across the gum side and then seal that bitch and finish off on our 40 joint skinning spree, and we decided to skip 20 minutes of lunch to smoke a fuckload of joints i skipped my social studies and my friend skipped lunch, and we got out of everything in the art class(where i was rolling) to head off to smoke right by the principal with half dilated pupils and even looked right at him, space out on the way got high as fuck and got a 97 on my final while high i love taking tests high, sorry if that makes no sense i'll prolly fix it when sober
  2. that was actually one big sentence
  3. idk whether i can believe u or not
  4. man i thought E was going to come into play... maybe that parts in the second setence
  5. You must go to the dumbest school if someone with your writing ability can get a 97% on a final. Or you cheated

    I think he meant rolling Js

  6. yeah i got that, would have been a more interesting read if he was rolling while taking a test though. :rolleyes:
  7. hah yeah right when i read the thread title i suddenly thought of all the times i was gobblin down rolls durin school. good times..

    never rolled up any at school though.. smoked at school quite a few times, each time was risky as fuck, luckily i never got caught..
  8. Dude whatever I live in Homer Alaska pot CAPITAL of the world. Our weed is the best I've had, and I've smoked in the lower 48's, Thailand, Italy, all over. I smoked two bowls in the back of the bus after a choir trip. I smoked a joint in the back of the classroom during my biology class. I toke almost every day during lunch and wave to the principal when I get done. I've smoked outside the school when I got detention for skipping class to GO smoke. I am not impressed.
  9. You're a joke, kid.
  10. Actually Im not. Everyone smokes in Homer, so no one gives a fuck. The cops will fucking let you go on a ticket if you give them weed. No jokes. Swear to your heathen God.
  11. There was a guy that would roll atleast 3 times a week in one of my classes last year once he brought about a 10 inch tall jar and about 8 inches wide full of thizz.
  12. Maybe someday the rest of us well be as cool as you are.

    Probably not though.
  13. You're right. Probly not. Come to Ak you might have a shot though.
  14. Were you snortin coke of your teachers cock too?
  15. Here's some free periods: ..........................................

    Feel free to insert them in random places throughout your post.
  16. Where's pacman when you need him.
  17. Yeah, Alaska is the place to be.

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