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Rolling Help!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bowlie, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Im really not an apprentice smoker. I have been smoking for 5+ years. But one thing I cannot do is roll a joint or a blunt. Any tips or easy ways any of you have found to roll I would appreciate the help :)
  2. Buy a pack of papers and an eighth. Keep rolling until you get it right, if you think you got it right, tear it apart and try again.
  3. Lol. I guess I do need to do this. I've never tried more than like 4 times in a row xD

  4. Just try it till you get it right. The key is getting everything straight before you lick it. Also lick the backside of the paper, not the glue itself, as to not lick the glue off.
  5. My major problem is that everytime I try the actual rolling part it's never tight enough :p
  6. Buy a roller. Not even $5 and I can easily roll factory made quality blunts and joints anytime I want. :smoke:
  7. keep practicing youll only get better with time.
  8. Honestly. Never thought about buying a roller because I've never seen one used for joints. Hahaha
  9. you need to pack the joint, go check out some youtube vids.
  10. Lol. Just gonna take alot of papers, YouTube videos, patience, practice, and a bunch of weed(cuz im sure I'll wind up smoking it in a joint or not. Hahaha:D) thanks for all the pointers guys :D
  11. Stay in a room for 2 hours and practice.
  12. buy rolling tobacco, rip, shred and grind up finely and let it dry out. Use this for your rolling practice, as using weed for practice just entices you to either smoke the substandard joint you created or makes you smoke the weed in a bong or bowl or whatever because you WILL get frustrated if you're not making progress in your rolling. also, you might look up the so called "card technique", as from my point of view it might help you produce better joints. In my experience, a big part of rolling also is the kind of papers you use - I am a tobacco smoker and I roll my own cigarettes using standard, short papers. I've been doing this for years and I produce well burning, good looking cigarettes in no time. Hand me weed and long papers and I easily take twice or thrice the time to roll a spliff it takes me to roll a cig. So - practice and customs are the keys to perfection :)

    Also, none of you will be able to get me off the brown stuff, so don't bother going off topic to lecture or insult me about this :)
  13. wut u haf to do iz put wed in rolin papere then just put da cigaret filter in and strt rolin between fingerz then lick and stik it down
  14. Have a friend teach you? Can't believe nobody said this yet
  15. I really have had a couple friends try to teach me. Got nowhere. Lol. And my usual smoking bud can only roll blunts. He can't roll with rolling paper. Haha
  16. Haha one of my friends is the other way around :smoke: Just go at it for a while then, I suggest using tobacco or oregano or something though cause it's definitely gonna take some time.
  17. I will get it eventually! Lol. I got plenty of time :p
  18. I'm completely biased. I gave up trying to roll good ones years ago. I vape now but on the off chance I do roll one you're going to smoke that ugly MF'er without comment or I skip your turn LOL.
  19. Practice really makes perfect in this case. Look at a YouTube video, and the sticky thread of how to roll at the top of the Apprentice Smoker section. After that, it's all up to you and the amount of practicing.

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