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Rolling good joints.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whycantifindaname, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Anyone on here still roll joints? It seems to be a lot less popular than before with vapes,Dabs etc... so if your still in to the joy of rolling please post some pics below. Also yes that's tobacco with the weed I live on Ireland shit is expensive so have to conserve

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  2. I have switched to the Raw pre rolled cones lately, just easy for me to stuff one, twist it and go. BTW I can't wait to visit Ireland again. Had a blast my first time but damn would it have been nice to have a couple of those joints when hiking the gap of dunloe!

  3. That's a spliff then not a Joint dude lol

    I smoke tobacco with my weed/hash in papers because it saves me rolling a cigarette to smoke after :laughing:
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  4. That does sound pretty handy to be fair, haha glad to hear you enjoyed it here and the gap of Dunloe is an awesome spot.
  5. Spliff and joint both mean the same thing really at least here they do, haha Ya that's my problem as well even if it was just weed I was smoking I'd crave the tobacco
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  6. I roll joints every day. 15393018001823437746521534265464.jpg
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  7. Rolling seems to be a lost art. Raw papers are the best I've used. The trick is to properly prepare the material and then it's practice, practice, practice. After 50 yrs of practice I think I've got it mastered.
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  8. I live in an apartment and I don't smoke inside with the kids and shit, but I gotta toke on my patio, which faces the parking lot, so I have to be discreet and I use a small pipe. But joints are my favorite, I roll one every chance I get.

    Looks good there, Fooey.
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  9. joints and blunts all day.
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  10. Joints are the most wasteful way to consume pot so maybe try a little pipe and one hitters until you get your head in the space you want.

    I only roll a joint for company and as I've been growing my own for decades I got lots and it doesn't cost me much at all. Be surprised if it was more than a dollar a gram.

    "Pot will get you thru times of no money better than money will get you thru times of no pot" Slightly misquoted from a famous Freewheeling Franklin cartoon blurb. :)

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  12. 50 years practice damn I'd say you would put me to shame with the rolling
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  13. I couldn't roll worth a crap when I was a teen and it's not gotten any better now that I've taken up toking. I have a rolling machine and I'd LOVE to hit a joint every day but I'm a super-light-weight and it would put me on the floor.

    I'm thinking about mixing in sugar leaves into my grown bud after the harvest so that the "potency-per-inch" goes down and so one joint equals a couple of one-hitter tokes (which does me just fine)
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  14. Ha luck you, how have you kept your tolerance so low when you grow your own?
  15. 1.) I've only been growing since Aug 20th of this year. The link in my signature is my first grow.
    2.) I've only been toking since May of 2017 and very sporadic at that. I only toke on weekends or only a few times a week and then when I do I don't like to get blotto...I like a slight buzz. I toked when I was a teen and then not until last year.

    Now...after my first harvest things might be different :) Hahaha...
  16. 50 years to perfect the art of Rolling??

    I learnt how to roll when I was 14 & had mastered it by the time I was 16 :laughing::laughing: I'm now 25.. but you're right the longer you've been rolling the easier it is to perfect
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  17. I dont know why people feel that a joint wastes weed.
    You light it, take a few hits, put it down and it goes out.
    Light it back up a while later, take a few more hits, put it down and it goes out.
    1 joint will last me all day or until my wife and kid jumps in.
    Better taste throughout most of the joint than anything after the second or third hit off a bowl too.
    I dont roll blunts or mix my weed with tobacco. I try to only smoke pure organic home grown cannabis.
    I do see the advantage of a pipe when cost prohibits you from rolling up a half a gram.
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  18. That's basically what I do now with the home-grown tobacco we grew this summer. Seems like really high nicotine levels in this stuff so I have 2 or 3 hits and set it in the ashtray and it goes out right away so a cig lasts for a couple hours. I'm down to less than 10 cigs a day now from a 50 year habit of around 25/day and plan to quit when we run out of leaf in a month or so. Got e-gigs and lots of juice with high, med, low and no levels of nicotine to wean myself and the wife off of smoking.

    My dad taught me how to roll his cigs for him when I was about 6 or 7 so it was an easy transition for me to roll joints when pot entered my life around 1967 when I was 13.

    Joints do waste weed tho. Lots of data out there that joints only supply less than 20% of the available medicine, vaping around 30 - 50% and edibles give you 80 - 100%. Most of the pot I consume now is in the form of cocobudder and most of that is made with high CBD pot that works wonders on my arthritis when I take a good dose in the evening. Mornings are the worst for me and are made a lot better if I have my budder in the evening. After pressing the oil out of the pot the pot is saved in the fridge or freezer and used in smoothies or baked goods like cookies so nothing goes to waste. Got a lot of those 'pucks' now so might toss a bunch together and make some killer banana bread to gift to friends this Xmas.

    The plants that are supporting my bad smoking habit for now.

    Pretty flowers of death! :D

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  19. I grew something called scented jasmine aleta.
    Turned out it was a very fragrant variety of tobacco.
    Beautiful plant that absolutely filled my garden with a jasmine like scent in the afternoon.
    I quit smoking (1 1/2 pack a day habit) on my 50th birthday. It took 2 years of planning and getting ready but as of now I haven't had any tobacco or nicotine in my body for almost 7 years. I can breath, I can go on hikes without getting too winded. Most importantly I no longer have a chemical dependency on one of the most deadly poisons known to man.
    Nicotine also aggravates inflammation. Not good for arthritis.
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  20. It's a nasty, smelly habit for sure and I'm determined to get rid of it as it's the last major hurdle to better health for me. I've cut out almost all junk food, haven't had a Big Mac in over 30 years or a soda in 10, and snack on things like nuts, 70% cocoa chocolate, and many other nutritional things.

    I've already had my rt lung collapse twice and a mild stroke about 5 years ago that left me foggy tho that has mostly lifted. I had rheumatic fever as a child and that's most likely where my joint problems stem from but luckily me heart wasn't affected and I've never had a problem with it. I've been to a rheumatoid doctor and it's not that kind of arthritis and does not respond to the normal arthritis meds tho they punch out my guts really bad and I can't tolerate them.

    My blood pressure is always low and can drop too low at times. Hypo-tension as opposed to hyper-tension and was noted by my family doctor when I was about 13 and would get dizzy if standing up too quick from a prone position.

    My weight has remained near the same my whole adult life and at 5'8" I weigh about 140lbs and still wear jeans that measure 32 x 32". Full head of very long hair and wake up with a boner every morning so my general health is pretty decent for a guy that will be 64 on Sunday. I take no meds either pharma or OTC other than half an aspirin on the days that my joint pain has the really sharp edge to it.

    If you're right about tobacco use or nicotine causing worse arthritis I'll be watching for that once I'm finally free of it's clutches. Testing finds no inflammation in my body which makes this whole arthritis thing puzzling to the imported doctors we get around here that don't even know where the appendix is located as I found out when I went into the hospital last Nov and was told I was constipated. 2 days later had emergency surgery to remove an appendix that had been leaking into my guts for 5 or 6 years. Thought it was intestinal problems but it was peritonitis that had been held at bay by my healthy immune system all that time. The surgeon was amazed.
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