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Discussion in 'General' started by racoonsuit, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. ok, so it's official, next week my friend is turning 18 and she is getting like 5 rolls and we are all gonna take them. well, i've never been on ecstacy before but from what im told it just feels really good and you look at lights and colors and stobes and shit. anything i should prepare for? i don't wanna have a bad trip, but i think ill be okay.

    i dont know what kind they are but they're $20 a pill.
  2. nice man.. Im gettin a pill tomorrow for $20 as well

    just do alot of reading on erowid. thats how i prepared for acid and shrooms and the first trips were exactly what ide come to expect from reading alot of experiances.

    Read the bad trip reports as well so you can see how it went wrong
  3. get some OJ, those vicks inhalers (the little white dildo looking ones) and do one sniff in each nose and then put it in ur mouth and blow it into ur friends eyes, it feels really intense. I had a question for the city also! For some reason i cant post my own threads so ill stick it in here

    I need some good techno music for rolling because i will be candyflipping on friday and need some asap! so if u have any use the following putfile accnt and then please PM me the url thanks so much!!

    accnt : jconner
    pw : grasscity
    website :


  4. daft punk is some pretty fuckin good techno.. my acid playlists consist of mostly that and grateful dead
  5. you don't need techno you need jungle... download

    SHY FX - Mc Fearless VS Skibadee
    One Nation - Andy C & DJ Zinc
    Innovations side A - DJ Kust

    and just search for anything by DJ Zinc or Nicky Blackmarket
  6. da funk- dafk punk will have you in the zone
  7. can you please send me these songs with the putfile link i had up there, or aim me at omga1337train cuz im in the dorms and i dont have access to any p2p sharing program


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