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Rolling for the 2nd time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Iceman420, May 14, 2011.

  1. Alright, so yesterday it was my last day of classes, and decided to take a break from my ascetic personality of school work at and all of the work I put into the school year. I finally got some weed for the first time in weeks. We've been having a bad Pot drought, some main supplier got busted and was transporting 100lbs a week or something around that number.

    But anyways, I usually don't roll freehand. What I tend to do is take a pencil, wrap the paper around, thus creating a tube, and take a notecard, tightly roll it, once you put it in one end of the tube, it expands and fits snuggly into the joint. Fill the rest of green:smoke:

    I rolled once freehand, and watched a shit load of tutorial videos before hand. My joint came out alright, just a bit too loose. I come home yesterday, and decide, "shit, im not always gonna have a pencil with me" and decided to start learning now.
    Well, I did, and it came out ok actually. It was again a bit too loose, but a bit more tighter this time.

    photo 1 (1).JPG

    photo 4.JPG

    photo 2.JPG

    photo 3.JPG

    photo 5.JPG

    The only problem(s) I run into is that, when I roll and finish, I may have a bit left over, so I have to fill it up. And when I try to, it seems like an inner paper is a bit loose and unravels. It's not a huge deal because it doesn't unravel the whole joint, just like a paper inside that's loose.

    Any help/feedback?
  2. no, just light it :smoking:

  3. I smoked it yesterday:smoke: It was regs and bit harsh, im guessing shitting weed, it looks like it too. Its all dark and shit, a bit green though. making firecrackers tomorrow.
  4. good shit.
  5. Looks pretty damn good
  6. It looks like you've rolled more than two times, that's forsure. Looks very nice, rolling really isn't that difficult. It just takes a few tries. All you gotta remember is to keep rolling the bud up and down with the paper so it's nice and tight.

  7. Naw bro, this is for real my second time. I just need to learn how to spread the weed out .....
  8. Also, as you can see, i have a zippo. I didnt use the zippo to light my joint last night, and just wanted to know, will i taste that smelly smoke/fire that produces from zippos if i light my joint with it?
  9. When you put the bud on top of the paper, even it out with your fingers, then just roll it. It's hard to try and explain over the internet, but move your fingers horizontally as you roll to even it out. You'll get the perfect joint eventually, you're already on a great start; a better start than I was on my first few times hahaha.

    And no, when it comes to joints using a lighter won't change the taste of it. When I roll the only thing I use to light it is my bic lol. You can use matches or a lighter, either or, and that won't change anything.

  10. alright. Well the problem is, is that the filter I roll, I roll them with the process of rolling the joint. It's bigger than the height of the pile, if that makes sense. So it comes out in the end to have a smaller amount or not a skinny one because the crutch is bigger than the pile. idk if that makes sense.
  11. Put the filter in at the end, it's easier that way. Even if you roll it and there isn't enough room to put a filter in one end, take a paper clip or something and force the bud in enough to fit the filter in.

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