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Rolling Filters.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vCannabliss, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. i've been smoking for 4 years now. so im not inexperienced. but i was wondering on how many of you prefer filters and what this thread is for is tips on rolling filter joints.. by filter i mean cardboard or material like that. so whatever tips and suggestions you guys have, im open.
  2. I use an index card to make my filters, just use scissors to make them the right size.
  3. I use the zig zag top part. if you can understand what i mean lol im hiiiigh
  4. i prefer to use a little piece of cardboard so then you don't need a roach clip to smoke the whole thing
  5. i just use cig pack or business cards
  6. If its a joint then I just cut off some paper, its works fine. If its a blunt then on the inside of cigg boxes there is a nice cardbord flap to rip off, (on the skinny side)

    But I live making filters, it makes it so even the biggest noob dosnt ***** lip it and I think they just hit better w/ filter
  7. Filter FTW
  8. I always use a filter. And just get a little thin piece of card, fold one end back and forth a few times and then wrap the rest around it. So from the end it looks like a little zig-zag in a circle. try to make it an appropriate size for the joint you're rolling though.

    I like it cause it's easier to smoke the whole joint but it also helps prevent little bits getting in your mouth.

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