Rolling face or RC?

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  1. This weekend i took a capsule of alleged "Molly". Two months earlier i had also had a capsule of molly.

    My first molly trip was much less euphoric than this weekends. It was more like a shroom trip but shared similar qualities with my second trip. The first time i did have mild visuals but it was nothing like the intensity of my second trip. Could not get hard. Great feelings of happiness. I had trouble distinguishing what was real from what were my dreams. I watched resident evil and felt as if i was in the movie. I would close my eyes and wake up thinking i had to seal up doors to keep zombies out.

    My 2nd trips visuals were extremely realistic. Everything seemed so vibrant. Grains of wood seemed to be changing. There was a point where my girlfriend was talking to me and her eyes actually melted out of her head. I felt like I was dreaming everything was so perfect as if it was a movie. If i couldnt define a more euphoric feeling in all of my life. If I could some up what i believe the term "rolling" to be, this would be it.

    I had done a normal E pill before aswell. I really felt minimal effects from it. Maybe slight happniess increase and a little boost of my senses. I felt like my 2nd time at molly was actually a trip more so than a euphoric pill which is what i expected it to be.
    Its possible that this was just a mediocre bean.

    I really cant distinguish between these as I am not so experienced with RC`s or with molly. Do any of my trips sound familiar i tried to describe them as best i could.
  2. uhh you had crazy visuals like that on molly??
    you know MDMA doesn't produce strong visuals like the ones you described
    sounds like it was cut with MDA, that could account for some of the visuals
    did you have any empathy?
  3. well J-Joey i dont know about the mda, but its efects are not much different than mdma, mda is actually waht mdma is cleaved into by the liver, on first pass. MDA hits harder and faster, think mac truck hitting you then a shuttle launch. while mdma is like taking a train, that then launches at high speeds. if you felt great the next day = mdma if you feel like a dried out tounge that has been run over = mda
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    ^I don't know that your descriptions of the after-day effects are quite right. MDMA is just methylenedioxy(MD)methamphetamine(MA), while MDA is just methylenedioxy(MD)amphetamine(A). So they're almost identical chemically but MDA does produce more visuals than MDMA, which typically doesn't yield any psychedelic-type visuals.

    Also consider how long the effects lasted, as MDA lasts longer than MDMA and 2C compounds last longer than either.

    You could have also taken a RC chemical the second time, since you had such intense visuals. I would probably guess some from the 2C-x family, since those produce visuals as well as euphoria and other MDMA-type effects.

  5. not disagreeing, but from someone who has taken both in pure form, i can tell you there IS a significant differnece in the after effects of the 2 chemicals. the copme up, come down and day after are much more pronounced with pure mda. MDMA is a bit gentler and IMHO a whole lot more empatheic and great feeling of mdma over the train speed of the mda. its all on how the liver processes the chemicals. mda elicits a stronger response, thats why it hits so hard, while mdma is milder, so at come up its slower, but as more of the mdma cleaves into mda it builds.
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    Definitely an RC on the second one. 2c-T-xx (probably 2 as thats pretty common) i would assume is what you had. It can produce some wicked visuals, though 2c-x also produce some pretty strong visuals.

    Most of the 2c family has a distinct body feeling to it, did you have any odd (well its pretty nice but kinda awkward at least to me) body sensations?
  7. I agree with you on that, the effects are different subjectively between the two, but the difference is really small (chemically speaking). More info can be found in Shulgin's writings in PiKHAL on both chemicals.

    I doubt it was a 2C-T-x drug though, those produce VERY different effects than MDMA. While some of the body sensations from 2C-I reminded me of MDMA, 2C-T-2 was a totally different experience.
  8. I cant describe how ive been feeling these past few days post pill. Ive just been so much happier and friendly. I really dropped all my grudges and stopped caring about all the little shit. Its my senior year in highschool and this year since ive had a girlfriend ive disconnected from a lot of friends. Honestly before the pill I was in a slight depression knowing that i would never see a lot of the kids i grew up with again. I partied this weekend with my entire senior class basically and loved all them. I truly hope that this happiness does not fade.
  9. well i don't doubt you rolled off it
    it just sounds like it was cut with some psychedelic cause pure mdma doesn't cause those strong of visuals
    sounds pretty badass imo tho!

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