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  1. I was just wondering what people on GC Forums are rolling their spliffs and joints in. I have a small wooden box that keeps all my papers, roaches , grinder, weed and gauze for my bong ! I will upload some pictures tomorrow but lets see the different types you all got and what you got in them :D

    Stay Smokey! !

  2. I did say that I would upload a pic so here it is.

    Stay Smokey! !


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  3. I use a video game case xD

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  4. I used to use an old ass VHS box but then I upgraded :)

  5. I normally just use my binder or something else close by.
  6. I used to be like that then I thought if I had a bix to roll over any that spills out when rolling I can keep for a dry day :palso it keeps my shit together !!

  7. What model is that box? It's one of those Wolf boxes right?
  8. I use a wooden square board that is ment for a center of a table works good since I can carry it to any room of the house

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