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Rolling Blunt using just cigar and papers.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by -E-, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Hey there people, i got some hamlets mini cigars (about the size of a cigarette, slightly longer) and was wondering wot is the best method to roll a blunt using just the cigars and rizla, my friend used to cut open the cigar, put weed into it, then use the sticky bit of a rizla to close the blunt up

    anyone know of any other ways of doing it?
  2. get full sized cigars. or blunt wraps. its not worth the trouble trying to surgically put the tiny wrap back together, ive tried with Capones (also small cigars)

  3. Normal hamlets are the best, but what I would to is -

    Roll the cigar starting at the open end between your thumb and fore finger and get all of the tobacco out.

    Once it is empty put a little roach at the end to stop weed going into your mouth.

    Once the roach is in place just using something small to push your ground up weed in the end untill it is full up.

    Easy. (No rizlas or cutting needed :D)
  4. Do you reckon a blunt will get me much more lean at nite instead of the zoot i normally smoke.

  5. Yeah, a blunt will get you a lot more blown than a coner! :smoking:
  6. im a happy man now..... looking forward to this, aint done a blunt in about a year bruv lol, im gonna see wot i been missin out.

    EDIT: and now its absolutely pissin down, f*cks sake!
  7. it wouldn't really be a blunt then just a fat joint.

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