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Rolling a smooth joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JBright, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I tried almost everything to roll a joint that will hit me smooth.

    I smoked a joint once that came in soo smooth and silky it was amazing, and I wasn't sure how they did it like that, I think he used more then 1 paper to roll with but not sure.

    I tried rolling it with no stems, rolling it skinny, rolling it fat, rolling it loose, rolling it tight, and what I thought was just right. I use roach when rolling, I do a credit card rolling technique.
  2. maybe it was the weed that made it silky?
  3. Well multiple papers = harsher, so that can't be it. For smoothness, don't roll it extremely tight, a little bit on the looser side, but not too loose or it will be hella harsh. Practice makes perfect, as i'm sure you have heard many times throughout your life.
  4. Buy a joint roller. Those things make it soooo smooth.

  5. This. And grinded weed is way smoother than hand busted in my experience. You can pack a good amount into a roller and get the nicest fat tight cig lookin js
  6. Mine are way better without a filter.
  7. DO you guys do Cones, or the cigarette shaped roll? I mainly do cones,
  8. I always roll cones, no matter what size of the joint.

  9. me too, its just how i roll my mouth piece
  10. put a filter in it?

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