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Rolling a joint with wax

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by OrganicGrowers, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. So how efficient is it to roll a joint and put a little bit of wax in it? Will it burn? Or am I just wasting wax?
  2. Oh yeah, it'll burn. Just take it easy with it because when you start hearing the joint bubbling while you inhale, you'll know that you're about to get pretty fuckin blazed. Sure does make it tastier too. Probably the best way to do it, so that it doesn't burn unevenly (because you know that wax can burn furiously compared to flowers), pull out two taffy-like strings about the length of your joint and lay them opposite to each other so that both sides burn just the same.
  3. Alright thanks for the response I guess im about to get really hazy haha :smokin:
  4. Well remember me when you do, bro. I've got to quit for a while so I guess I'll have to be happy that you're blazed as fuck. As my good friend Cheech would say: "That's heavy duty, man!"
  5. This joint is for you man. Im sending good vibes your way
  6. Be careful of dripping wax, the best way imho is to paste some lengthwise on a cigarette. Tear off the filter too but do not ingest the tobacco.

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