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Rolling a joint with bible paper

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by extra, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Hello, I live in a small little community with about 200 people so there is no where to buy pipes or papers or anything. I usually make a run to the nearest city to buy papers but I don't have the time for that right now.

    I heard you can make a joint out of bible pages or dictionary paper. But how would you make it stick?
  2. Lick it so it sticks, then use your lighter to dry it out. Just like a blunt.

    Then spark that shit.:smoking:
  3. Wow...
    You're about to get flamed :p

    Bible paper!?
  4. I've never seen a community that didn't have at least one gas station that sold papers. That sucks.
  5. Use a cigarette...
  6. Yep. Empty it out, tear off the filter, and fill 'er up.

    Far far better than smoking the ink in Bible paper.
  7. yea you could make a spliff.
  8. Never done it, but I heard you can use honey.
  9. make an apple bong.

    much better.
  10. lol I've done this in grade 10 or something. There will usually be one or two pages without ink, make sure to use those ones. It'll work fine, and I ended up using a bit of honey to stick it together. As I recall it was a good joint.

  11. You are wrong my friend. NEW bibles aren't even printed with ink anymore. My friend who is a pastor explained this to me on this very subject, its like burned into the paper now(The writing on the paper).
  12. Hm, that's very innovative... eliminate the need for ink.

  13. Umm...I honestly find that pretty hard to believe. Ink is much better than "burning".
  14. Why you would want to use bible paper I dont know. I find it to be retarded on many different levels. Just make a pipe or make the drive to buy papers.
  15. Have an apple?
    Also, depending on the amount of weed... make brownies :)
    Just don't do like I did and eat more brownies because of munchies.

    I was so baked.
  16. Rolled my first joint ever with bible paper. Turned out pretty well. Just do it if you can't find papers. Nothing more holy than smoking in the word of the Bible.
  17. yea u can use bible pages but it will burn very very bad and will stink so its not worth it just use a potato to make a pipe or apple
    and burns like shit
  18. if i were you i would make a homemade bong. just get a water bottle and burn a hole into it. then get a bolt n a pen tube n stick it together. put the homemade slider in the hole and booom, u have something that beats the hell out of bible paper
  19. Haha i would use the bible paper .
    But that is just because i find it funny and im not religous and i would make sure to smoke it around people that are.


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