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Rolling a joint help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sera2775, Mar 10, 2023.

  1. Hello,
    I have never had success rolling a joint. I think there is two reasons for this, firstly, that the weed I use is dry, when ground, and therefore falls out of the paper very easily; and secondly, the paper i use (RAW hemp papers), is very difficult to manipulate. I can never get it to 'tuck in', and if i do, the end result is lumpy and looks rubbish. Also, I lick the papers, it doesn't seal; this may be because the joint, when rolled, is lumpy and uneven in diameter.
    I realise, now, I have listed more than two reasons, my bad...
    I have looked at YT videos, but what happens on screen when they roll, I can't replicate, because of the above. I have thought of mixing in rolling tobacco, but it is very expensive, even for a small pack.

    Thank you
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Crumple your rolling paper, (Several times)
    Fold it crumple wad the paper in a tiny ball and un fold it.
    Wash you hands, a little moisture on your hands is like traction the paper will not be so slick.
    good luck
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  4. Practice practice practice. Between the shakes,feeling loss & arththrittis I use a raw rolling machine now. A good looking joint but be careful not to roll it too tight.
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  5. "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them."
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  6. a $2.00 pipe is a great thing to keep stashed close then, no yukky glues to pollute your smoke either
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  7. See one, do one, teach one. Sometimes you just skip the first step. :bang:
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  8. I have one friend, fastest person ever seen roll a joint rolls one handed.
    Another friend went MJ college (real deal ) they had joint rolling classes, he rolls pretty much a cigarette looking joint everytime .
  9. Changed my life.
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  10. They make a large size too, just don't try to cram too much weed into it or it breaks. ask how I know. :cry:
  11. best you start with pen jionts
    your putting to much material in , so you are left with a hump back whale hahah
    start by rolling a pen joint, sprinkle just a small amount in the paper , then level it across fold the paper over a little bit and start the roll from middle out.
    if you have rough hands as i do first just barly wet your finger tip , not enough for slobber to get on the paper but enough to have friction , do this with both thumbs, then slowly start as i said from the middle and twirl it outward, i dont suggest big papers, they have small zig zag the work great, when you get better then you use big papers and do a cheech and chong doobie.
    to prevent wasting your herb, use parsley to practice with
  12. glue two (regular) papers together so's paper is proper width but twice as long! One can hide lots 'o' mistakes under that much paper!
  13. Sorry but that is training to fail, jmo.
  14. We used to do that in 1969 until they came out with EZ Widers, 2.0's, 1.5's, and 1.25's.
  16. Thank you for all replies, great community. Nick
  17. she already knows how to roll a bad joint (too much paper. she wants to know how to roll a good joint. :passing-joint:
  18. Cut my teeth on Zig Zag cut corners using one paper. I remember when Zig Zag did a press release saying they didnt want people rolling joints with their papers
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  19. I am 65 years old, been rolling joints from 1972. as said above cut corner Zig Zags rolling papers,
    I can roll a decent joint by hand ,
    I have several of the little rolling machines like posted above, personally I think the machines are pain in the ass to use.
    you can make cone with rolling papers wrap the papers around fatter pen lick it and make tube.
    I just did one about the size my little finger, Must of been 2.5 or3 gram joint .
    needless to say, i am stoned.
    LOL Being stoned, kind of just talking, I make some really nice pipes but hands i prefer a joint over pipe.
    All this being said, if you can't roll buy some cones,
    I had girl friend, she could a joint while i was doing 90 mph going the freeway,
    those woman are rare brother,, yup they keeper. I love getting baked in the morning.
    Smoking lamp is lite
  20. The same guy that runs my buds thru an electric coffee bean grinder :mad: brought over an electric rolling machine. Cons: you can't control the size of the joint & it's the size of a tobbacco cig. (if that's an issue) Pros: fast, uniform, burns well & what surprized me most was that his joints tasted better than the ones I rolled using the same weed. Less paper in his premade cones ( raw) than my traditional paper (zig zag 1 1/4) ? What say yous?:icgreen:
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