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Rolling A Joint - Filter Vs No Filter

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tmgrg, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. How do you roll without a filter, and which do you prefer and why?
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    either or, i prefer the way a "regular" joint smokes, but i like the other benefits of crutches so when i use them i keep em really short, like 2mm or so haha, long crutches make the smoke harsh i think
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    you just roll the mouthpiece into a cone like shape, bam no filter
  4. i always use a filter. can smoke almost all the weed and there is no goddamn weed in my fucking mouth. 
  5. I usually don't put a filter in unless I roll a FAT doobie. I usually make tiny ones, around 2-4 mm or so.
  6. Always.
    An' dat's all I'ma say 'bout 'dat. :smoke:
  7. Theres no need for a filter if you know How to roll a joint right.
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  8. well, here at least, theres a difference between a filter and a roach and you'd never use a filter in a joint. but i always roll a roach yeah. (i think in some places a roach is the cardboard and in some places its just the end with all the dregs in)
  9. How is this even up for debate? After a while the paper at the end becomes moist, and hard to drag smoke trough. It takes like 1 Minute to make a tip and you're able to smake your joint waaaay nicer and completely to the end
  10. I allways use a filter, it allows you to smoke the entire joint more easily
  11. I prefer a filter, but whenever I'm chilling at my friends house his mom rolls those skinny joints with no filter and we end up smoking those xp
  12. always with a filter for above reason.
  13. sounds like your "lippin" the end when you hit, stop stickin half the joint in your mouth when you hit it and it wont become wet on the end....ive never used filters or "roaches"...roaches around here are the ends of the joint and bugs thats it, not cardboard in the end of a joint
  14. A roach isn't a filter FFS! It's the resin soaked butt from a joint.

    Anyway here in BC I have yet to see a joint with a filter or rolled up piece of card in it.

    I never have issues with getting weed sucked into my mouth.
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    Bam got that right
    And I only roll fatties. Only way to go
    Yeah, no.. :p I roll my cigarettes, without a roach obviously so I know how to not-smoke wet. The smoke and sometimes moist from the burned flower makes your end wet.
    Even if it's not wet, you'll smoke your joint way nicer with a roach
  17. I roll a tiny ball of tobacco at the end of my spliffs, that way I don't need to smoke it all the way to a nub to avoid wasting weed, and the crutch just keeps it dry and a more stable end to puff on
  18. Ive always rolled without a filter 80% of the time, if you roll it right you will never get weed in your mouth and the resin wont clog up the end. And often times when I roll, my joints have no weed about 1 - 2 cm from the roach tip, allowing me to smoke it right down then toss the paper.
    I don't like to smoke filter joints right down because I don't wanna be smoking cardboard on my last hit.
  19. If you don't use a filter around here your super ghetto. You really can't waste a mm of paper to squeeze in the tip? Then when it's too small to hold with bare fingers I'm like fuck that you can burn your finger while trying to get some harsh resiny hit
  20. Nobody around here uses a filter. Theres really no need for one if you roll it right. Its not about wasted paper since you can get like 50 for a dollar and since its easier to find weed than ciggarettes here nobody feels bad about not smoking a roach lol

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