Rolling a Joint...Cop rolling by

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Alliance, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. So as my friend and i are in my truck rolling a Joint in some random parking lot. a cop drives by and stops in the middle of the road, and looks at us. So as my friend and i both start to get nervous, i turn on my truck and we drive out of there, then the cop bust a U- Turn and starts to follow us. i get into some neighbor hood and lose the cop. I look at my friend and he said his stomach hurt....So i was like damn you were that nervous, and he goes no, and opens his mouth and half the joint is gone. My friend Ate the joint to save our ass...But it was funny when he smiled there was green shit in his teeth.

    Just thought i would share that with you.
  2. sounds like some1's thinkin'
  3. thats a good friend u have there...i bet u he was high as fuck by the end of the hour...
  4. would have been smarter if he was that worried to just swallow the thing whole. I've had close calls like that before, but you just have to act natural. Act like you're looking for something and cram the pot up somewhere VERY difficult to reach. It helps if you keep a map or a cd or something way under one of the seats. Or a hayne's manual. You can say you're trying to diagnose a problem the car is having.

  5. Yea cars have a lot of places which are easy to stash shit in, except you won't be able to get them out too easily. Such places include, but differ with car model, seatbelt holder(plastic slits where seatbelts go in/come out) and.... that's all I can think of right now but there are a few on every model. It's good cause the cop won't be able to search in there while conducting a normal search.
  6. Awesome friend you have there...I've not had close calls with pot but I do know that it is hard to hide a beer can!!! <grin> We've sat next to a cop smoking newports laced in pot or pot laced with newport tabacco...whichever...anyway...rolled like a cig with a bit of tabacco and mostly pot. We got a few looks but he never did anything...we just acted normal and that was that...both windows down...ours and his...thus the looks...

    Happy Smokin'!!!
  7. It may be a pain in the ass to get it back out, but that's better than getting arrested!

  8. Haha, yea man definitely. I know people who spent something like 2 hours getting a 20 bag they ditched in their car.
  9. once, a few years ago, 9 or 10 people were out front on someone's porch/steps in the city. weed was everywhere. look that way, and someone is rollin a joint, look the other way, someone's rollin a blunt. sooo about 20-30 feet away (across the street) a cop walked up the block with a dog. at this time we were smokin already. i don't remember who noticed him first, but man it got quiet when we saw him. he just kept walking. the scary part is he didn't walk to the end of the block. he walked about 3-4 houses up and cut across the street and went in the gangway of the last house (3-4 houses up was the last house then there was a wide open parking lot for a church, so he had NO reason to go over there except for us) soooo as soon as he cut the corner, like 5 people got in one car and got outta there, all the others walked off in their own direction :D scary shiat.
    but uh yeah, wanted to share my close call with a cop rollin by.
  10. Back in the day when I was rolling with this dog Skoops we had a gram of coke in the minivan. So I was driving and Skoops is in the passenger seat, we had the inside lights on in the car because it was night and we needed a bit more light to see. So Skoops was chopping up the rock on this book in the passenger seat and we are waiting at a red light, when who appears next to us? A fucking patti-wagon. They roll right next to us and Skoops didn't even notice. So I was like, yo b, cover that shit up. So he just put his hands over it and that was it ... the pigs never even looked over our way.
  11. I just had a lot of fun reading that last post with a Brooklyn accent.:)

  12. Haha, true ... I see you're in Texas ... how do you like those Texas accents man? They are pretty hardcore, so Southern and stuff, haha. I don't know how long I could stand listening to somebody with a really thick Texas accent, it's bad enough listening to George Bush all the time, haha! :)

    Anyway, United States of Marijuana! That is what I say, I don't give a fuck where anybody if from, as long as they are chill that's all that matters to me.
  13. man that reminds me of the one time we got pulled over for cruisin around the neighborhood to much and my friend ate a blunt roach, phillie blunt paper n all, haha, it was definitely sick he almost puked. the moral of the story, hide your bud in your emergency brake slot if u know wat i'm talkin about.. in your car, not on your body, the actual thing, yea.
  14. awesome friend bro.

    my cop story(outside from me being arrested) me, my brother and his girlfriend were chillin in his car in a parkin lot of an arena. one of those multilevel ones. it was a Phish show. so hes rollin some joints about to head over to a parking lot across the street where there was mad tailgating shit (got brownies, shrooms and moonshine that night) and... fuck man ... wheres this story goin.... fuck im blazed... yo, i was gunna make a thread about this, but i dont know how to do that right im just gunna put it here. sorry to the guy (or girl) that put this thread up and im takin the space of...i rolled my first joint today. it was good. not tryin to brag... but it was nice. hit nice, nice and long... had dem 33 extral long Bob Marley papers...pretty too. i think ill roll like 5 joints, glaze em, and smoke em with my friends this weekend. you guys are awesome.
  15. Me and a couple of friends were sitting in a car rolling a joint, and cutting up some blow on a frisbey. Well a cop passed by on a street a block or so away, and one of my friends freaked and threw the frisby, needless to say we were pissed, te cop wasnt even close.
  16. Very good friend you got there. But, may i make one suggestion next time? Wait till the cop stops your car or gets out of his before you swallow a joint lol. Damn thats a waste of weed if he dont even get to talk to you.
  17. God I've seen some people do some pretty retarded shit in regard to the cops. That frisbee throwing shit is offense but there's a cop around and his first instinct it to throw a fucking flying disk with coke on it? oh yeah that would be real great when he gets the cops attention by throwing the frisbee and the cop notices the fucking coke residue on it...when I took acid for the first time I was walking around with my friend and he looked behind us on this path (a path in a park) and saw two lights behind us. Mind you these lights were no more than 50 feet behind us and he should have had the common sense to realize that since there was no noise it wasn't a car, but guess what he did? He said "Oh shit man it's a car, it's a fucking car. Drop your shit man, drop your shit right now. I'm serious, drop your shit right now." well considering I wasn't tripping that hard I didn't, cause why the fuck would you want to drop some shit when you have a "car" right behind you...well for some reason this guy really sucks at acting chill and proceded to *bend over* and *smoothly* set his weed on the ground as he's walking!!! oh smooth man great moves I bet they didn't see that!! i mean wow that was really smooth when you leaned over and put your weed on the ground, nice and fluid. Well didn't he look silly when 5 seconds later two bikes with headlamps come rolling past. I mean fucking shit first of all even if it had been a car and even if it hadn't been able to see exactly what he was doing, I mean shit we were just walking!! And if you are going to drop your shit why the fuck would you bend over to set it down on the ground?? The best part is afterwards I said it would have been pointless to drop it anyway, and he replied "Why, they can't prove it's yours." Oh once again didn't he look silly when I reminded him that his fingerprints are all over the bag. Well if it had been a cop car or something he would have gotten me busted for tripping and gotten my pipe taken away...I guess it didn't matter since he broke it pretty soon anyway! oh and later in the same night as when he broke my pipe, we were at a party which the cops were supposedly busting up (they weren't) and everybody was climbing out the back window. He decided to take the knit cap he'd borrowed off his head and *throw it* off into the room as he was climbing out of the house! and he never found it again!!! i mean that's some real smart thinkin throw off the hat thats on your head as you are leaving a house that is being busted up!!!...not!!
    and this guy isn't a dumbass by any means, except apparently when he gets spooked by the po's.
    so the point is don't be a fucking dumbass around the cops!!! you all talk about how the cops are looking at you think thats maybe because you're staring at them?? if you were being chill you wouldn't be staring at the fucking police. and to the guy who said this...why the hell after they see you would you then start to drive in the opposite direction???? i mean no offense but a lot of you are going to get busted simply because you act too suspicious. first of all why is everybody so keen on rolling their shit up in fucking public places where a cop can sneak up on you at any moment?? well at least they seem to, ya'll son't seem to keep a very good lookout as you're doing fucking illegal shit in plain sight. ignore the cops until they are interacting with you, if you pretend they aren't there you probably won't do anything that will bring attention to you.
    One time I was walking down the street and there was a cop standing outside his police car on a road on the edge of my campus. I just walked right past him and after I was about 15 feet past him he whistled me to turn around and told me to hold up cause there was a k-9 unit out and about in that area and he didn't want to get me involved. Even though I was fairly drunk I calmly asked him if i should go up to the next street, and he said that would probably be fine. So I thanked him, walked past him again and up to the next street, where I promptly noticed a police vehicle parked about a block up in the direction i was going. I kept going that direction and the cop car started driving up the road towards me. I kept walking at a normal pace, and as the cop car approached me it shined a funky rotating light at me, no less than 10 feet from me. I just turned my head to look right at the cop car and gave them a "what the fuck are you doing" look and they just drove past looking like fucking assholes. Oh by the way these are just the times when I didn't get busted haha, I don't claim to be perfect, but the only excuse for getting busted is being too fucked up to avoid it. If you can't fucking avoid the cops stop doing drugs in the middle of urban areas, thats my tip you fucking dumbasses. I'm kidding but I mean jesus, use some common sense. Short of seeing/smelling weed or something related, the only way a cop is going to suspect you is because of the way you are acting. if you always act super guilty when you are, you are in for a lot of trouble with drugs. okay i'm done! be smart folks! and don't fucking eat joints you dumbasses rapid hand motions right after making eye contact with a cop is a sure way to get your shit throuroughly searched. not to mention if they want to prove that you have drugs on you i'm sure they could get your stomach pumped, wouldn't that be fun. okay one more time *seeing a cop and then doing a bunch of suspicious shit in the presence of that cop = bad* thank you, goodnight.
  18. once i was near a skating rink and i found a cheap ring on the bench. well i sat down to examine it and took out a newspaper to read. then i looked at the ring that was in both my hands. two biker cops pull up and stare at what's in my hand. and so i opened my hand to let him see. i go "it's not mine i just found. is it yours?" and he leaves after saying "i thought you were rolling something." funny thing is i had a joint in my pocket.. phewwww
  19. Yea so about close calls...last weekend me my friends rolled up into this parking lot in some random park and we were packin a bowl. My friend takes the lighter out and is about to light it right when a cop rolls up and shines his light on us. anyway i got out and said we were just meetin up there and were leavin right then. but it was soooo close another 5 seconds later and we would've been busted.
  20. Haha, check this out.

    When I first started smokin, a friend and I were waitin for some other dudes, and the only place both of us knew was the maximum security prison in town, so we would meet them there. We parked right outside the most secure prison in the country, all the top criminals are in there, like Kazinsky, Noriega, and all those badass dudes. And then we proceeded to burn one down, right outside this place! (some of yall might know where i'm talkin bout).
    It rocked. We just acted chill, hid the shit when the cops drove by, and toked up inbetween! We had a blast!

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