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rolling a dutch...outerleaf

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GanjaKilla, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I don't roll dutches, but today i felt i should try. i got my outer leaf, then there is the inner leaf. i don't want to roll the inner leaf. so can i roll my weed just using the outer leaf?
    What are the differences between using, only the outer leaf compared to rolling using the inner and outer leaf together?
  2. I'm no expert, but I think using both leaves would give it more dexterity, so it wont like droop down or anything. So I suggest 2 since your new?

    Try googleing it or a youtube vid.
  3. good question dude.

    I smoke at least one blunt a day so i gotcha....

    first of all, blunts (Dutch Masters) have 2 leaves for a variety of reasons...
    1.) make it look nice
    2.) taste
    3.) Smokability

    Most smokers choose to combine these two leaves so that the blunt will last longer and taste better. I have been with kids on a number of occasions that toss out the actual leaf of the blunt and roll with the inner, darker, more composite paper. There is nothing wrong with this...IF YOU'RE GOOD AT ROLLING. If you can twist that stuff up lickety split and smoke on it for a while... be my guest, but it takes time and practice to get that good. So, my advice, use the interior paper (dark) to roll the actual weed up in... It does not have to be perfect. Have the actual leaf laying flat out on the table, wet this slightly and then roll your already packed "blunt" in it. You don't have to make it too tight, just enough to wrap up your original package. If done pretty well this blunt will burn forever and taste great..... Happy rollin...and smokin.
  4. use the inner leaf trust me lol....i dont even think rolling blunts is that hard all u do is tuck and roll really
  5. well using the inner leaf is annoyin, it started dryin up n flakin while i was rollin (inner leaf wasn't out too long before i started rollin) i just went str8 outer leaf
  6. I'm pretty sure you need both. Basically roll a j with the inner and wrap with the outer. Youtube has good examples. Just lick your finger or dip it in water and rub the papers to keep them moist
  7. dude u cant let it dry out u gotta breath on it causing hot air making it not moist but not dry then u place the bud in and ROLL DO NOT TUCK ROLLL and then u can use the outer leaf to roll im a expert and let me tell u rollin wit only leaf u gonna wanna smack urself i fucked up purp kush like that my dumbazz
  8. well i rolled it just fine with outer leaf only, not fuked up at. i know how to roll with the leaf. the inner leaf is just annoyin.
    time consumin 2... but if i makes my herbs last longer...
  9. you keep doing that ill keep using both leafs and make a nicer blunt :D

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