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Rolling a blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Prince_RIP, May 10, 2010.

  1. I've never rolled a blunt or a joint before but I don't have a bowl on me and that's my only option. I bought a 5 pack of swisher sweet strawberry cigarillos hoping to get 5 blunts out of it. Well, i'm on my fourth attempt at rolling a blunt. The first 3 got destroyed in my attempts. If you're rolling a blunt and it gets all cracked to shit, which unbelievably keeps happening to me, do you just lick it and patch it up or is it ruined? Cuz i'm wasting a lot of blunts if you can't use it once it's cracked. Anyways, any advice you guys could give me is much appreciated.
  2. If it's cracking apart it's too dry... add saliva or water.

    If your trying to learn to roll a blunt, you can use the "mummy wrap" method. Pretty much taking off the outer leaf (of a blunt with one) rolling using the wrapper, and then rolling the outer leaf right back on. This way you can fuck up rolling the wrapper really bad and it will look fine after rolling the leaf back on. You'll find youtube videos showing what I mean better than I could ever describe it with words.
  3. Should have got the grapes. They are usually fresher. For that kid's "mummy method" you get a Game or a Dutch or something. A blunt with a natural leaf. The thing is, if you're struggling to crack a blunt I don't think you'll be able to remove an outer leaf.
  4. Depends on how you're rolling it. Try breathing hot air out of your mouth onto the gutted cigar. The warm air should moisturize the leaf and allow you to work with it more without it cracking.
  5. Blunt is the man when it comes to blunts
  6. This. Licking it too much can make it too wet and it will rip. Too dry and it will crack. Breathing air on it gets it just right. You'll eventually learn just how much to lick it, but all it takes is a little too much to weaken then blunt.
  7. It's ok if you get it too wet. Just acknowledge that fact and allow it time to dry. If you don't, then yes it'll either rip or become too soggy when rolling most likely.

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