Rolling a blunt from a fresh tobacco leaf?

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  1. I love blunts, but I hate the fact that commercial blunt wraps contain such low quality ingredients. 
    If I were to grow tobacco, or visit a tobacco farm, could I take the tobacco leaf and create my own organic blunt wrap. It would still be tobacco so of course it would still be bad for me cause lung damage and all that.. but at least it wouldn't be all full of fillers, stems, pesticides, and all the other nasty additives and chemicals.
    How would I go about creating my own blunt wrap from a fresh tobacco leaf?

  2. its been done i only smoke in leafs for the past 10 years..but its been around forever..... fonta  , fronta aka grabba  leafs ... there called... u get 20 -25 blunts per leaf.. all for around 2 bucks some try to get 5 a leaf.. but they been smoking that in the carribean  alot of jamaicans smoke it...thats how i got turned onto it from my rasta friend ...if u can find anytype of carribean store near ya u might be in luck... btw i first started smoking with backwoods and phillies back in 1991.. backwoods are the closest ull get to a fonta leaf tho////
  3. oh and if u do get a leave .. there air cured ... look for the lightest colored thinest one... u just tear along the leaf veins to any blunt size u like..just gotta be careful with hittin on it cause they can unravel pretty easy as the leaf isnt sticky like a alot of people iv shared one with fuck it up lol. last thing is the smoke is so smooth and u taste the bud thats it.. i do know some websites also u can buy the leaf or just google it 
  4. Backwoods are wrapped in a natural leaf, they are what I use
  5. slenderman ?? u from the  east coast ??? cuz thats what i grew up on... backwoods .. but the diff is backwoods got the flavor unless u buy the sweets...and the price went up like crazy i think there like 6 bucks  for 5 ... the leaf is were its at  20 -25 blunts per leaf

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