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Rolling + 5-HTP

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Ba1lz420, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. This magic right here

    take 2 of these vitamins that release seratonin with your rolls and you will roll twice as hard every time!

    I'm going to take 2 Blue Pumas tonight andd those

    everyone who takes e should get these
  2. ive always taken 5htp to ease the come down, and its always helped, but rumor has it that if you take it too close to the time you plan on dropping it can decrease effects.
  3. Yea most definitely does not increase it by double, I don't even think there is proof it increases it at all (could be wrong)... Anyways it's still useful, I usually take it after my roll so I don't get any depression issues.
  4. what you do is take 5-htp for a couple days before you roll and after you roll too.
  5. from what i heard and read from various sources is that you should not take this untile your done rolling and when you have a mdma hangover beacuse you may experience Serotomic Syndrome .
    To perpare for my roll, I eat 1 daily vitamin until 2/3 days b4 and I start taking 2. Than Day of i take vitamin c.AFter words I try to eat that morning a normal healthy meal, then take 5 HTP
  6. blue pumas are bombbbbb, have fun. I remember rollin on these back in the day and got WILD
  7. what does the vitamin C do?
  8. I'm not sure what Vitamin C does, except maybe help increase absorption of the drug.

    Magnesium works good for the comedown if you have any jaw clenches.
  9. Taking it before or during actually decreases the roll. It's meant to take after to help get your serotonin levels back to normal.
  10. Dude i took mine with the pills and ive never rolled so hard in my life

    fuck if i hadn't taken those mayve i would have been on another level,

    but i wouldn't have been able to handle that haha
  11. haha we used to empty out the 5htp capsules to make hits of molly.
    counter productive?
    maybe a little. :D
  12. Be VERY careful when taking these rolling. Its not good, it can cause serotonin syndrome.

    But they are very handy to use Pre and Post loading.
  13. You have to be careful pre-loading though. Like someone else said pre-load a couple days before you plan to roll, but stop the day before. Pre-loading 5htp the day of is a bad idea.
  14. That is what I meant, But im noddin too hard to explain myself fully.

    Bluelight has a great topic on Pre/post loading.
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