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rollin paper vs cigar paper!! please answer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pot head 3, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I have one simple question which is better cigar paper or rollin paper!!!
  2. By cigar paper, im just going to assume you mean blunt wraps. They're two completely different things. If you want joints, which are usually smaller and more convenient for on the go type deals, you'd by rolling paper and roll some joints. But if you were with a bunch of your friends just chilling, you might want to roll a big blunt to pass around.
  3. cigar paper man. 100%
  4. The only problem with cigar papers is that they contain nicotine
  5. they do contain nicotine, but not enough that it really matters. and personally i like both joints and blunts it just depends on how much weed you have and how high you wanna get.
  6. try lots of things and decide what you like best.

    i like the clear joint wraps more than paper ones like jokers and i like zigzag's new blunt wraps more than all the cheap cigars.
  7. cigar paper....
  8. How can you define the amount at which it 'really matters'?
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    Nicotine is not good for the body or lungs. There are king sized papers for when you wanna roll something bigger but dont want to exasperate your lungs, or a medical condition, etc.

    Exactly. When its there, even in a negligible amount, it "really matters" because it still effects your body and lungs regardless of quantity. Granted, quantity will worsen it, but I don't see the big fuss about rolling a blunt with tobacco paper vs using regular papers. :confused:

  10. i smoke cigarettes so i don't consider blunts to contain any real amount of nicotine, but I guess if you're not already smoking tobacco regularly then the cigar paper would effect your lungs negatively
  11. H.A.W.K. said it himself, "empty out ya cigars and jus roll up a blunt"
  12. Cigar papers do not have enough nicotine to "get you hooked" or affect you negatively in any noticable way, why be so fussy?
  13. Every little bit contributes..
  14. i asked this somewhere else but didnt get an answer. i dont have a headshop nearby, but was wondering whats the best thing to get at 7-11 for a small-mid sized j? or do they not have anything
  15. Rolling papers are quick and easy, and taste pretty good. But if you have time and the skills use a cigar.

    Also, when I roll a blunt, I coat it in a thin layer of honey. Burns real slow and tastes fucking AMAZING.
  16. Eh I'm not accusing you or whatever but it doesn't -- sound -- like your 18. I just can't imagine an 18 year old yelling a question then writing "pluz answerr".
  17. he could have down syndrome haha
  18. Because every one of us is different, and every chemical effects every persons body in a different way. What might seem like a negligible amount of nicotine to you can very well be quite the opposite for someone else.

  19. Get some 1.5 rolling papers. You can roll the joint thicker. Or you can get some rolling papers like bob marleys that are longer that the average paper. If your seven eleven doesn't carry them you can order them off the internet.

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