rollin on E outdoors?

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  1. im gettin some e today and me and my friends want to go into the woods while rolling and walk around, chill, and smoke.

    anybody have any suggestions that will make my rolling experience most fun?
    as in like what to bring with you, fun phisical activities to do on it.
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  3. Your gonna want an MP3 player of some sort. Umm if one of your friends isn't a girl see if you can't get one to come. I love just touchin people while I'm rolling balls but if its all guys then it might get a lil gay. I've always wanted to try out basketball while I'm rollin...
  4. Sunglasses. And if ya can't take music along for everybody rolling to listen to (don't be a dick and bust out an iPod with one set of buds) you might as well stay somewhere that you can. Rolling without music is a waste, IMO.

    Lots of water, good music, great friends and a dark room with trippy lights have always made thizzing fantastic for me.
  5. One time my friend and I walked around her neighborhood the entire time we rolled. Just walked in circles talking. It was fun. It was also in the middle of the night, when NO ONE was around. The first time I rolled was at a college campus with about 20 other people. That was fun too.
  6. how is that being a dick? everyone else has an equal opportunity to bring their own mp3 player. why is he being a dick by being smart and planning out his roll before hand?
  7. Who rolls by themselves?

    IMO rolling should be a social activity. There's just way too much of a internal nagging to be sociable on ecstasy.

    How would everyone sitting around listening to their own mp3 players be anybody's definition of fun?
  8. yeah i agree... Technology can make people anti social... which kind of defeats E.

    but regarding the post.. rolling outside could be a good idea and the woods sounds sick..

    if you smoke enough.. you can turn a rolling experience into somewhat of a psychedelic experience.. especially if you have the right people to talk to. My friends and i have made a few pretty dramatic realizations about the world and how things work when we were having a little meditation/therapy thizz session
  9. My first time rolling, a friend and i wondered around suburbia in the middle of the night. All we had were just menthol cigarettes. You'll have a blast no matter what.

    Oh try rolling near dusk- it's the best.
  10. yea. outside is pretty fucking sweet. both day and night. but beware. if during the day, do not even look at the sun. if you do, you will find it amazing and helplessly stare at it for an hour or so. at least i did. seriously was as big as the fucking sky.
  11. lol everybody here wants to share their thizz stories and how great it is, god E is such a great drug :D gotta love how it brings people together more than any other drug

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