rollin joints the middle school way

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  1. so my bowl broke recently and i have been rolling joints again, something i havnt done in about 3 years so im a little rusty so i have been doin what i did in middle school and taking a ciragrette and knocking all the tobacco out. takin the filter out and puttin in a rolled up piece of paper in there and then filling the rest with weed, but i add a second paper to make it longer. and i have to say i love smoking these, its just like a cigarette you can do anything and smoke at the same time
  2. wow what coincindence, i just rolled up a lil jay in a empty cig cuz i lost both my pieces and the time lol
  3. see what i mean, there just convienint , i cooked mac and cheese while i was smokin one earlier and just had it hangin in my mouth
  4. Haha man I remember doing this a time or two in the old days. Then I realized rolling papers are cheap and more efficient.
  5. No no no my friend. What you want is a good quality joint rolled with rolling paper. Like this:

  6. haha nice joint my man, but now that ive been rollin joints again for the past 2 weeks, ive got my skill back and can produce something of similar quality
  7. Who likes smokin spliff's?

  8. I like smoking the occasional spliff, every now and again. In southern ontario people generally regard spliffs as a synonym for joints... but it seems like everywhere else tobacco is added. Its nice from time to time
  9. thats we way i do it, quick, easy, discreate, gets you high :smoking:
  10. i like them, especially if you get the flavored tobacco out of those little cigars that come in a cig. pack they're really good, makes it taste like honey if you get the right ones
  11. haa i did this just earlier but with some swisher sweet mini cigars, haha:smoking:
  12. man i love smoking spliffs except when my friend rolls them 40 weed 60 tobacco
  13. I just broke up a wine black & mild and used that tobacco

    It's nice and mellow so you can hold it in.

    and it tastes bomb
  14. i might have to try that one, thanks loaded
  15. no prob bro:smoking:
  16. im about to go pick up a bag anyways, im gonna stop by the store and get a pack of them
  17. nice man post back and tell me how it smokes 4 you

  18. thats why i love GC always new good ideas...when i rolled spliffs i used cig tabbaco yuck
  19. thanks loaded your my best bestest friend in the whole wide world, hugs and kisses.

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