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Rollin': Filter or no?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MadHasher, May 26, 2010.

  1. I was just curious because I've been rolling to smoke for the past two months, on what other toker's opinions are on rolling whether it be a joint or blunt. I have tried both and while I can understand the concept of generation joints/blunts, I notice the smoke experience is a lot nicer with a filter: a lot cooler, smoke a lot more, and NO ash or weed in my mouth. It also keeps the flow nice and removes the gumming-aspect of filter-less joints.

    I just use note card for reference, thin paper with no ink so I can have a good amount of paper without cramming it into the paper.
  2. I don't see why you would not unless you don't have a notecard or something to make it with. I like how the end doesn't get all smashed, disgusting, and you always have something to hold on to that's not very hot!
  3. yeah, i always put a roach in the end of my joints, i can't imagine not having one :/
  4. Yes, every time.
  5. no but I roll a joint only for specal <--- not a word occasions.
  6. I NEVER use a filter for my zig zags or blunts. I roll them perfect every time so I NEVER have a squished mothpiece. I hate when people put filters on blunts or j's!! Nothing beasts like a perfect blunt or zig zag with dank all the way through.
  7. dude who gives a shit smoke another one.

    using a roach clip or tweezers or pinching the hot end is more annoying than taking the time to roll up some index card.
  8. I always roll my joints with a small roach to keep from sucking in ash or my own green. You want to use something a little thicker than paper, like poster board or thin box and roll it up then u can use scissors to make a lot of little ones. Maybe 1 cm long pieces. Then just load it on the end.. They also help to pack the green into the body of the joint
  9. Using roach card means no bud is wasted as well. I know some people save their roaches, but it's not the same.
  10. Filter? NEVER.

    Crutch/roach/whatever you want to call it? EVERY TIME. Just makes it easier to smoke and easier to burn every bit of herb.
  11. #11 Blunt Ash, May 26, 2010
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    No filter, always roll my blunts so I have a natural shaped filter at the end. I never inhale cannabis bits if I roll the blunt.
  12. I put a filter in once I'm finished rolling most of the time. The only real reason is because I hate when joints and blunts get nasty at the mouthpiece from everyone smoking it and all the resin. The filter/crutch/whatever keeps the mouthpiece in a good shape and open so you can inhale the smoke a lot easier. I admit, I'm not the best roller, and my buddy, who rolls anything perfectly, doesn't use a filter simply because he doesn't need it. But I do :smoking:
  13. Na, don't do it.
  14. I use a roach but I don't smoke it all the way down, so I don't smoke the chemicals in the roach paper.
  15. if you use a filter it's most definitely gonna fuck up the content of the smoke... I use crutches in zags and sometimes i use crutches for blunts. They keep the end from smashing esp. when kids N lip the roach.
  16. #16 Carhartt, May 26, 2010
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    i roll a j with the weed far left all the way through then 1cm of tobacco and then a roach
    then i smoke till theres 1cm left above the roach and just toss it

    it saves u smoking paper/wasting weed

  17. Yeah, I always roll with a crutch. Even if I'm not in my room where I have index cards I use the bit off the paper packet or off some ciggs...always someone around who smokes premades :smoking:

    oddly though I never roll with a filter or a crutch when I roll my ciggs... go figure :smoking:
  18. filters are the way to goo.

  19. like i said i roll it perfect so smoking it til the end is not a prob for me. it's my personal preference. FUCK FILTERS.
  20. I almost never use a filter but I do use the plastic tip on black and milds if I use those.

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