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  1. So i like to call cigarillos and cigars rollies.

    ex. "Don't forget to grab a rollie while your in the store."

    My boy is mystified every time I say it, and always asks me what I'm talking about / makes fun of the term.

    Am I really the only person that says this??

    (Boston Blade)
  2. i just call them blunts or a sweet .
  3. i thought rollies were hand rolled tobacco cigs...

    just call it a goddamn blunt
  4. It's called a stick.
  5. I've never heard of them called "rollies", but its the norm to call them "rillos" where im from.
  6. The term "rollies" is used for a hand rolled cigarette vs buying a pack of smokes from the store

    "let's go out back and have a rollie, just got a pouch of Stokkbye"
  7. From where I come from , the common terms are,
    A rollie is a hand rolled tobacco shag cigarette.
    A normal cigarette is a tailor made,
    And a cigar is a fatty.
  8. Just came back and read this high sorry for the bump lol
    But to update, I call hand rolled cigarettes a rollie.

    But when we have weed busted up on our lap, sitting outside of 7-11 or something haha
    I'll be like "yo grab a rollie" or something I'll say rillo or rollie, to me it's kind of interchangeable I guess. One of those things :p
  9. I call them skins.
  10. I call them disgusting. I dont like blunts, the taste is bad

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