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Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, May 24, 2004.

  1. Would it be ok to eat some vicodin and ride rollercoasters n shit? I'm going to this amusement park and I don't want to go sober. So me and a couple of friends were thinking about eating some vicodin. But if we're riding a rollercoaster or any ride, is it possible to have like a heart attack? or are we safe for the most part? Take into mind, that we were only going to eat 3 or 4 each. I Know that before any ride you go on, they have a sign that says shit like "if under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please do not ride this ride." Any help and/or experience with this would be appreciated haha.
  2. FUCK vicodin eat sum fuckin shrooms buddy that shit will trip u the fuck out
  3. Well, i don't really want to go trip out at an amusement park. That'd just be stupid. I'll save that for one day when i'm just chillin with my friends in the woods. And yes, i would pick shrooms over vicodin any day. I would also pick acid over shrooms, mmmm acid. But anyways, I don't like to be around alot of people whle i'm trippin, it makes me nervous. So i'll save the shrooms or acid or whatever for a different occasion. Well back to the topic, does anyone have any info about this?
  4. shrooms and disneyland go hand in hand. i had a blast at my gradnite. :p
  5. Ya, I was thinking about going to Wonderland(amusement park, rollercoasters n shit) on shrooms this summer. I think it would fun as hell. They got this 1 ride called the bat, and basically you go through it forward, then go the same track again backwards. Theres like loops and shit too, its insane. And this 1 waterslide, called like the black hole or some shit, its like pitch black and you go down on a tube. Man, go down that on shrooms, you would be trippin the fuck out haha.
  6. haha ya know what, i think ima take all your advice and eat some shrooms. It turns out that i can probably get some shrooms. So might as well do it. It seems like it would be fun as hell.

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