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Discussion in 'General' started by lostinthefog, May 17, 2004.

  1. I was at a Six Flags this last weekend and i was reading the warning sign for the ride. Being under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs was listed as one reason you shouldn't ride. Does anyone know any more about this? I would think it would be cool do ride a roller coaster after smokin, maybe not after drinking tho.
  2. the adrenalin will kill your high, sorry man.
  3. it's because of the increase in heart rate... your already pumpi blood like a mother, and then you get all excited and make it pump faster. you could have a heart attack or go into cardiac arrest..... sorry to spoil any dreams of smoking on roller coasters
  4. i always wondered aboot that, it makes perfect sense.

    i like roller coasters too. but i can be quite a chicken shit when i actually see it! i've never been on an adult roller coaster. lol. just the little ones with my kids. but i like em. but the biggies. ooomg. maybe next time thanx. k. yeah;)
  5. you guys are stoners? couldnt tell by whats written here ;) fuckit man toke up, it just makes it that much more fun... might kill or at least shorten the high, but you could always toke up again.
  6. when the local carnival comes i love to go on the gravitron at night really blazed...its a great experience and doesnt kill my high at all.
  7. I went to canadas wonderland asmoked like 5 joints in my brother in laws car then went on all the scary shit, im still here ... and I had the time of my life, and I totally disagree that the adrenilin will kill ur high, but I can only back this up by saying I was high after soem scary ass rides ... so yeah smoke up it doesnt matter ubless you have a heart problem :)
  8. Canadas wonderland!

    Mad props to the Vortex, my favourite ride haha.

  9. I went to Universal 2 years ago with my parents, we had some sweet package deal where everything was free. Anyways we went into this one place, totally forgot the name, but it was a VR place. Anyways one thing was you go on a ship wearing 3D glasses, and the ship is surrounded by a screen. The ride is called Pirates of the Carribean, and there are like 6 cannons on the ship, one person drives. Your goal is to destroy the ghost ship when you see it, while fighting off pirates with your cannons. There were a lot of other sweet rides... point is I decided I really want to go back there tripping on some shrooms or something.
  10. i will never ride the gravatron again. i live in miami and in our youth fair some fuckt up shit happened with the gravatron n ppl flew off n got hurt. i was always scared to go on ride built by carnies, but that made it worse. im only sticking to rides in theme parks cuz the ppl that work there look alot safer than carnies.
  11. Never been stoned on one.. but been drunk. Me and my best friend were at islands of adventure in orlando. We bought mabey 100$ worth of hotel alchol bottles off of some guy... got fuckign drunk and went out to the place (stayed at hard rock hotel). I had mabey 5-6 little bottles in my pockets and we went on the rides... best fuckign time of my life.. dead serious.. absoluty amazing!!! funniest thing happened.. on the hulk, when we went upside down all the bottles fel out of our pockets... i remeber getting up and being like oh shit dude... just keep walking... we stumbled our asses out of there... sooo funny... were going back this summer and gonna get nice and chill stoned... ride all the rides... have another best time... oh yeah when we got back to melbourne we bought 2 g of "one hit wonder" the BEST weed i ever smoked in my life... wayyyyy better then any menali cream or delhi hash/weed i get here in india... one hit and your gone.... amazing stuf..wayyyyy to expensive though.. i think we paid 60$ for 2g... from my cousin who knows a dealer really well... he normally got us good weed for 10-15 a gram... anyway.. try it youll love it!!!

  12. I would never buy 2 grams for 60$ I can get a quarter for that price and still have 10 bux for munchies
  13. A couple years ago, two of my friends and I went to Cedar Point. The kid driving doesn't smoke and drive, so my best friend and i burned a blunt in the back of his minivan (and passed like, 4 highway patrol cops, thank god for tinted windows) and once we got there, smoked two more bowls in the parking lot so he could get high too. We walked into the park and one of those annoying people insisted on taking our picture and gave us our ticket. Let me tell you, the first 4 or 5 rides were amazing. We went on Raptor (a ski-lift like coaster that inverts 6 times I think) and Magnum and Millenium Force all before the high wore off, and it was like flying. Just know the comedown sucks though, cause it's hot and the lines are long and you're already kinda burned. However, we went back later and looked at the pic of us from that morning, I wish I had bought it, we all looked stoned off our ass.
  14. I went to a carnival and went on the swings was awesome and didn't kill my high at all
  15. those little swings on chains that spinalot? those lok cool. i wanna go on the feris wheel and smoke at the top. or whip a out a joint on a kidy roller coaster!
  16. I have smoked at six flags. smoking before getting on a roller coaster is so much fun. It doesnt kill your high because i was still high after i got off. It's great!
  17. Never been on one of the big ones, just a kiddie one with my nephew... I hated how it jerked me around. it should be a smooth ride imo.

    The gravitron used to be my favorite ride (inside one, like spaceship), but the last time I went on it I got a major headache and sick, upchucked all over the place. The dude in the center operating it always looks like a hippy guy too.... totally digging it too. The outside one I think is better, now anyways... but still haven't gone on either since. The feris wheel is kind of scarry, the damn seat rocks so much! I know it probably wouldn't tip, and if it did I could sue (asuming I survive the fall), but it kind of freaks me out. monkey cages are pretty cool, used to hate them because they didn't have seat belts, and I'd hit my head on the roof when it tips over, then when it fliped rightside up again, it'd rip my hair out! ouch! but now they have seat belts so it's cool... spiiiiiinnnnn! lol

  18. Disney Quest
  19. That is at Disney Quest. I am going to Disney world next week, thought about bringing some weed but I am with the fam so not sure.

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