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Rolled some dirty blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by guitardude105, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]


    Loks mad shitty i know its prety packed w/ like .5 grams about to smokes it up stuff i put in there was straight fire smelled so great :hello:
  2. what kind of blunt is that
  3. the one with weedd=]

    um dutchmaster strawbery with what smelled like NYC diesel its gonna be killer

    i had ot take off a bit off the outside leaf so it wasnt all tobacco
  4. How much you put in there like a half a gram? lol..
  5. aye whateva gets ya dick haa-d is all im sayin. peace brotha
  6. yah man it was apersonal blunt and i havent smked since june so this shit was banging mane soogood taste and perfect slow burning gettn u mad ass high blunt if i did a dmb ass jay it wouldnt burn so fast and allsmoke get wasted

  7. Roll it up in a J next time.

    That's what I'd do.
  8. that mountain dew pictured looks mighty fine right now. never heard of this nostalgic sugar sweetned edition.
  9. Was drinking a can of mountain dew voltage an hour ago.

    Stuff is pure sugar though.
  10. hell no those waste o much and brun so fast i had that burning for 20 mins nd im blizted right now

    best dew ive ever had it is litterally perfect so sweet b/c its made with real sugar not the sweet sryup crap

    its nast tho
  11. Exactly. Anything to momentarily cure cottonmouth.
  12. damn im jealous now silly europe having everything closed on sundays so i cant go try and find one
  13. Small, but to each his own.

  14. guess what? you're part of my sig now, that's what.
  15. Hey!

    I was apart of this thread!
  16. That doesn't even look like enough weed for a j. Imo you just wasted that dutch.

    You might be high, but unless you hit that like once every 2 minutes theres no way it lasted that long.
  17. nice i also enjoy smoking skinny personall blunts, kief is also a great additive too.

  18. werd to waste of a dutch. put atleast .5 in it. that looked like .3. you should have roleld a j because imo dutches are too much to be using half of it. not to be a cheap ass , but if im gonna split dutch i use the whole thing. and also i doubt it burned 20 minutes. its too short. you probably just got high and it felt like 20 haha.
  19. it was .5 i weighed it and jays waste too much they burn way to fast. this burned for a good 15-20 though....
  20. waste of a blunt imo

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