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Rolled my first joint!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by 4TuneCookie947, May 31, 2010.

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    Hey GC:wave: so about an hour ago i just rolled my first joint with the help of a dollar bill. To roll the joint i followed some random tut online and it seems like it came out alright.After i finished rolling it, i packed the weed down with a filter and twisted the tip. I intend to smoke it later:smoking: but with some feedback first....does it look like i rolled it correctly? and does it look like i rolled it tight enough?

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  2. thats as good as i can usually get them haha :D goodjob man. make sure its firm but not like superhard or anything

    and if its a hassle for you to roll joints i suggest to anyone on buying an auto-roller .. i have a metal case that rolls the joint for you as you close the box and it puts it out on top of the box once its completely closed

    but good one. might suggest cutting off most of the tip (just what i do) so first hit isnt all paper :D

  3. Rolled it correctly? I guess. What's correctly?
    Roll it tight enough? No.
  4. Looks good man. A little loose near the crutch maybe. I usually keep packing my joints real tight and then loosen them up again by rolling the joint up and down between my fingers. Keep repeating this until it's evenly packed. It'll burn like a cigarette!
  5. yeah man i'd have been happy if that was my first joint
    and i dont reccomend the auto roller...i used to have one but i compare using it to driving to the corner store, you just feel better if u walk
    and if u roll by hand u have way more control over size and shape
  6. I'm gonna start with the dollar method too. I have never rolled a joint in my life and I smoked for three years, I always handed the weed I bought to my friend who was like the weed mistress of our group. We always partied together. Now I am starting over and learning all this new for myself. I hope I roll one as good as yours looks.

  7. Haha hey guys im back...damnnn first time smoking a legit joint...i felt kinda bad lighting it cuz it was the first j i made..its like giving birth to a child then headshotting it and burning him..atleast i took a picture to commemorate this moment..ill look back and be like damn..i rolled shit joints back then :D.. :D better than my small glass pipe forsure!
  8. Not bad at all for a first joint. Congratulations. You've now officially been promoted from Neophyte to full Apprentice.

    EDIT: +rep for a nice job rolling.
  9. Not bad man just keep practicing with the rolling soon you'll have them nice and tight ;)
  10. Looks good, it might burn up mad quick tho, try packing the bud in with like a stick or something so its more firm.
  11. Not bad at all man for your first :D, how fast did it burn? (Im assuming you smoked it already based on your last post:p)

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