Rolled My First Joint

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  1. So I rolled my first J today and I'm pretty pumped. I think it turned out pretty decent for a first and I used alot of YouTube to learn lol. Tomorrow I have my last two final exams and then me and some buddies are off to the beach to spark up! :D

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  2. Looks extremely good for a first joint, go have fun m8
  3. I have one of those cig roller machine things, they are much easier and less time consuming.
    But that is a really sexy lookin lady, how long it take u to dress 'er?
  4. Probably a solid 25 minutes I went through like 5 papers lol
  5. Propssss bro
  6. oh man 25 minutes, keep learning hehe.
  7. You did well young grasshoppa............too well..........
  8. it looks aight,couldent do better myself haha
  9. Consistency then speed.

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  10. get coning down and then go for speed. coned j's are boss.
  11. haha it does take time to learn but once you've got it you can roll one without thinking. i remember going through so many papers when i first learned 
  12. im still trying to master this like my cuz, he makes it look s effortless, it is an art
    Nice!  :hello:
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    Rolling a decent joint is an art itself but it depends on the roller if they like it fat skinny small big baggy tight etc its like a woman almost. All beautiful you just have to find the right type that suits you.

    Edit : Here is also a pic of what im smokng just now it is apple juicy jay extendable papers the ones that you cut to size!!!

    Stay Smokey! !

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  16. Wow nice jay, dude! I've tried rolling a few times but they all looked like stuff my dog would leave in the backyard. :/
    I personally like my roller, at least for now; I plan to learn one day.

    Again grats and happy smoking :D
  17. It was nice definitely man and the way I learned was by taking a cigarette and constantly rolling bursting them open and rolling again but practice makes perfect !!

    Stay Smokey! !

  18. anyone got any tips for how to roll evenly?  I always get the fat hump in the middle.
  19. Yeah man when your putting in your weed or mix just make sure its even the whole way or if its a cone make sure you keep it at like an acute angle so you dont have a sudden bend in the spliff !!


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