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Rolled my First Joint Today.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Vince Sixx, May 24, 2010.

  1. Yep. I've been smoking for a couple months, and today I rolled for the first time. We looked on the internet for instructions (we being me and my friend that we were smoking with). My friend's was pretty flimsy, and he pretty much just rolled it around loose weed. I spent almost 20 minutes on mine, packing weed in there, but it was still small, the paper was loose, and I cut a hole in it while I was packing.

    Took a few lights to get it lit, I don;t know how to light a joint well, but it lasted a long time. Only problem is that the weed kept sliding around.

    Any tips on how to roll better?:smoke:
  2. practice.
  3. def practice but honestly the key to rolling joints is getting the tuck down, once u got the tuck its easy from there
  4. congrats! i haven't rolled my own yet, got a couple friends who are really good at it, i intend on watching them a few more times before i try. maybe you could try rolling some spliffs while you're learning so you can use less weed/more practice.
  5. ya spliffs are a good idea man they burn better then joints esp when the joint is rolled badly
  6. I learned how to roll by rolling joints and ripping them up to get my bud back until I was satisfied.
  7. Woah first joint. congrats my first was about 15 years ago on the back of the bus. Now i can roll. Tulip joints, crosses, trifectas and dimonds. i can even roll a reggie j one handed.
  8. practice, practice, practice. when I started rolling j's/blunts, I couldn't do it for shit. Now I can twist something quick that looks / burns pretty nice.

    Besides practice, watch a seasoned joint smoker roll up. If you can't find anyone, watch some vids. get yourself some decent papers, too. ultra thins may be a little too advanced for the novice joint roller... what are you rolling with right now?
  9. I do the usually rolling back & forth technique to get the weed downpacked then i use my mouth to hold the end of the paper (careful not to break it) then i roll it up to me
  10. I don't roll my joints by hand.. I have a roller that I use. I feel like it's not as rewarding as a real hand rolled jibb, but oh well...Good job on your first joint :D
  11. Hah. I still can't roll... well I can but they're so uglyy.. but they're consumable so its not thaatt bad... but I stick to bongs & pipes.
  12. Rolling with Juicy Jays Grape Flavored.

    Also, what's the difference between a joint and a spliff?
  13. Just keep practicing. When I lost my bowl (RIP), I started smoking solely joints, and eventually rolling became natural. Check out some youtube vids/guides.
  14. i use a method i learned here on gc. its essentially making a cone, and then packing it with weed. not really the traditional way, but if you something like a pen or screwdriver to pack the bud these will burn amazing.

    this is the video
    [ame=]YouTube - How to roll a cone-style joint[/ame]
  15. it will all come with practice. trust me i couldnt roll for shit when i first started. now i can cone a 2 gram joint pretty damn fast considering most people lol. like a previous poster said. its all in the tuck and making the weed pack. i recommend holding the two sides of the paper and kinda sandwich the weed around to make it into a joint shape even before rolling the paper up.

    but mainyl just practice young padiwan

  16. Spliffs generally have tobacco.
  17. DO NOT smoke blunts or spliffs, they contain a very dangerous substance called tobacco.

    Try out different papers, 1 1/4 size is best. Make sure you have enough bud for a decent joint and cut it evenly and fine with scissors. When you load the cut up bud onto the paper, spread/even it out in the shape you want your joint to be.
    It's all about the tuck, never fold. Using a crutch can help it keep shape assuming it isn't too loose. A crutch is just a rolled up strip of index card that acts as a mouthpiece, it has many advantages: it helps to keep the shape of your joint, it holds the mouthpiece open so that it doesn't get all nasty and close up, it makes it easier to hold, it cools down the smoke a bit, and you can smoke the weed down to the end.
  18. nice. :) wat I do is wrap a paper round a pencil, gum it, put a roach in one end then I suck up my ground weed like a fuckin crackhead. lol I learned from my cousin and all my joints are nice.

    I have a dilemma guys! can u help?
    how can I hide the smoke of the burning end of a joint when I'm not smoking it? I have a sploof, but while I'm blowin into the sploof, how would I hide the smoke of the burning end? :confused: thanks in advance! 

  19. well its always better to actually roll your joints rather than just pack them, they burn alot better. but if its working for u then thats good and i guess u can stick with that method.

    as for the burning end of a joint there isnt much u can do beside putting it out thats why people always say not to smoke a joint inside and to just smoke outta glass.

  20. Hey, if he wants to smoke some tobacco in there, let him. I'm sure he knows by now how dangerous it is. You may not like tobacco, and I don't blame you, but it's his body.

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