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Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, May 5, 2006.

  1. I am referring to tobacco, but you're welcome to post about your adventures in rolling joints as well. I'm not much of a blunt smoker as I've posted in some threads on the subject, but I am very much in love with the art of rolling perfectly cylindrical cigarettes, joints, and spliffs. I can't stand most rolling machines out there because i can easily roll better smokes and I also prefer to roll slimmer cigarettes because I use DRUM rolling tobacco, which is VERY dark and more potent than even most rolling tobaccos I encounter (cept for American Spirit, but I don't like the flavor of the Spirits). But I also just enjoy the slightly more sophisticated feeling of holding a slimmer j or cig (which is why when I buy pre-rolled I usually go with Nat Shermans, but those are too expensive for regular purchase/consumption).

    For those of you who buy pre rolled brands like Marlboro, Camels, Chesterfields, or pretty much any other, I want you to know that if you roll your own you will save MAD money on cigarettes. First and foremost, in the states, rolling tobacco usually runs for 1.25 oz. for 3.50 bucks plus tax plus tobacco tax. Now, most rolling tobaccos come with rolling papers, but some states don't issue papers with them, so you may need to buy your own. These are usually the short wimpy kind, but they roll a nice simple smoke and are easier to roll than the wider varieties. I stick with 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 in. rolling papers and I try to use the thinnest papers I can find. I'd prefer to find some RAW papers, but Hempire is the closest I can find and it works rather nicely, barely adds any flavor and burns smooth. Hempire's harder on joints in my opinion due to its thin consistency.

    ANYWAYS, in addition to this, rolling tobacco is cured and processed better for a more distinct tobacco flavor and is much more prominent than Marlboro or Camels which taste adulterated and like paper to me, I can't have those now, they just taste really really chemical. Not only that, but rolling tobacco also is much more potent in the nicotine amount and thusly, you smoke less. You can roll a filter into the smoke, but it's much harder to roll and the cigarette never quite draws right. Anyways, one way or another, you smoke less, not necesasrily healthier, but something to consider when your sucking through a second smoke in one session, which I can't do with rolled tobacco.

    Anyways, I'll post pics of my seven hempire DRUM tobacco cigs later once I get to a better computer. They are pretty much perfectly cylindrical slims, unfiltered. I would have rolled more but I ran out of hempire papers because I used alot of them on joints for the past two months.
  2. Good post, good point. I tried rolling my own cigs one summer like 2 years ago. While I was working on a landscaping crew one of the guys who was in his 40's and was a major stoner always rolled his own butts, and i was amazed at how he could do it with one hand perfectly every single time and never drop any tobacco. I wasnt that much into it as Im rather lazy and i dont like to roll joints even though ive always been pretty good at rolling, i think its just in my blood. But i really enjoy a cig that draws in alot of smoke, but still has a lot of flavor. IMO camels are the best tasting cigarette you can buy, I smoked filters but that shit was way too much harshness with all the cigs and weed i was smoking, so i started smoking camel lights and Kamel Red lights(cant always find them) and i think red lights are so fucking tasty I couldnt ever want to roll my own cigs. also they go for about $4 a pack where im at and they would run me about $8 back home, maybe im going to have to quit smoking or start rolling my own over the summer.... hmmm i could always just bring a a few cartons home.
  3. I have to admit that the Kamel Red Lights are definately tasty for a packaged cigarette, almost like a cinammon flavor. Still, my tastes are rather dark.

    I used to have sweeter tastes, but now I like to expand all my tastes alot and have found that certain things I like very dark. My favorite beers are always dark lagers and the whiskey I like is fighting cock bourbon, which leaves a fiery taste coming up from your body with only a slight burn on your esophogus, lol.

    Coffee wise I started out on Machiatos then Mocas from Starbucks n'shit. Then I realized that I could grind my own beans and started buying slightly expensive French Roast beans. At first I was brewing coffee n'cream. Then just coffee, then espressos, then Red Eyes/Shot in the Darks (2.5 shots espresso in a full cup of coffee), then finally Cafe Americanos, which have a very distinctly dark flavor to them (2.5 shots espresso in with the same amount of boiled filtered water). Very good but I spend alot of money on coffee and cigarettes even though I try and conserve while still maintaining quality.
  4. ok well i dont smoke cigs. but this guy at work rolls his own cigs. he told me that he collected a bunch of keif and sprinkled it overtop of the baccy. apperently you get a huge head rush and then a euphoric feeling.... not quite high but europhic. personally i find cigs gross (no offence to you smokers... i aint got nothing anginst ya guys :smoke:)

    i just assume roll a j full of the good shit. i suck at rolling freehand. thats why i bought a roller. but if theresd nothing else around i can manage a freeehand roll to something smokeable. if i have to i use 2 papers.

  5. Rolling tobacco is MUCH easier than rolling weed imo. Tobacco is fibrous and lighter than weed, less chunky even when ground. If for nothing else, it's good to practice rolling cigarette looking j's rather than the twisted end kind because you get bigger hits and while it burns a TOUCH faster, the flavor is much more pronounced. If you ever need to practice, just get some cheap tobacco and split each cig till you get it right then do it with weed. Great practice even if you don't smoke cigs, just toss the tobacco once you have it down, or give it to somebody who rolls their own smokes.

    EDIT: I don't like to mix kief or hash in with my tobacco as while it does get you high, I find the high to be much rockier than when mixed with bud. Usually if I mix I almost always have some bud to even out the flavor of the darker and spicier tobacco. One time when I was dry, all I had was some tiny chunks of hash, so I mixed it with some tobacco in a cigarette and while it smoked very well, the high was less than satisfactory and it left me with a severe headache for some reason, though I think that was due to other things I ate and drank throughout that day.

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