Roll like a pro - my video joint rolling tutorial

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by nicsye, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. got bored, wanted to give a nice tutorial for those learning to roll / perfecting their technique. please rate + comment on the youtube page. enjoy!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Roll like a pro - a joint rolling tutorial[/ame]

    embed would be appreciated
  2. Nice job man. Dude what size are those papers. I have these shitty ones called J.O.B and they're 1.5's and they are like WAY more paper than that. And they're basically square.
  3. Awesome tutorial. +rep.
    Only thing that I noticed was you were breathing into your mike.
  4. Thanks man, I suck at rolling and learned a lot more from this video.
  5. Great vid dude nice job.
  6. lol at 2:36..what happened?
  7. Yep thats exactly how i roll my joints except i put the filter on the right side and roll cones. I learned to roll from rolling cigarettes this way and i like you recieve compliments on my rolling ability every now and then.
  8. nice i recently got into rolling joints. i love them. what are the size on that 300 pack of elements and what did you pay for them.
  9. hahaha i said "lets get some music." i was intending on turning on some nice beats for the background, but i was too high and i realized my media player wasnt open, so i just kinda forgot about it :p
    they are size 1 1/4, it was 4 bucks for the pack of 300. as long as you dont lose the pack, its good value, lol. nice papers too
  10. ya i heard no music haha
  11. i lol'd at "let's get some music!..." "clickclick" "...." "....." just silence hahah
  12. Awesome tutorial. I was wondering about the filters since I've never used one before.

  13. very nice tutorial man
  14. like a pro
  15. ya as he showed the actualy rolling up of the paper is a very small part, most of its preparing the shape of the joint and making the shape of the weed by rolling it back and forth. if shape your weed into a cylinder with no bumps like he did then you will probably be able to finish and have nice j.

    good vid!
  16. this is probably the best video i ever seen for rolling a joint, i've seen some pretty terrible ones.. def +rep!!
  17. most the videos ive seen didnt have as much input as yours nicsye ... most people r just like "this is how you do it". then dont explain ny thing .. so your a pro , thanks for the help
  18. Wow, definetly the best joint rolling video ive ever seen. But i have these JOB'S 1.5 papers, im not sure if theyre too good. but it has a lot more paper than the kind you use.

    But definetly +rep.

    Thanks for the video.:hello:
  19. very very nice joint.
  20. Can't wait to get out of work at 5 and roll one like that. I got an orange pack of zigs last night

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